Grateful for the box of chocolate and dulce de leche cones from Argentina that a friend brought and a thank you gift
Thankful for the workers at hospitals, grocery stores and public transport
Thankful that I’m with my husband in this strange moment of my life
I’m alive
I’m 8 years sober today
Birthday cake for breakfast
I have opportunities to connect with my family, my friends, and my lover even though we are not able to be together right now.
I have a great job and even a side hustle that I am able to do really well from home alone.
I am able to move my body and my breath in various ways that makes me feel good - physically, mentally, and spiritually.
My sobriety
My kids that have shown me true love
My dogs who love me unconditionally
Getting to see my daughter’s creativity
Pretend play with my toddler
A new found absolute love for my backyard and the eighties that walk by.
I am healthy
Toilet paper may be scarce but sweet chili Doritos are stocked and in muh belly
My friend dressed like Gandalf today and started a live video of her dancing, made me smile
The springtime weather has been exceptional!
The children in neighborhood are resilient — I heard them laughing and playing outside and it was music to my ears!
My fur friend is a wonderful quarantine companion and is enjoying our longer, more frequent walks.
Installed a new laundry sink faucet without a single trip needing to be taken to the hardware store!
Found out our lone local hospital is not overrun with Covid cases.
I managed to complete the first draft of *The Neurobiology of Aspiration* presentation in record time!
COVID accelerated potty training! Yay for precious super hero undies and the tiny bottoms that wear them
Watching my sons (2 & 4) play and tickle tackle each other
Coffee smells
I'm thankful that my family is fortunate to get through this tough time.
This morning my dad made me a great breakfast.
That i have a nice and safe neighborhood.
My baby girl.
My sobriety.
My boys.
The love of my daughters and husband
Colleagues and coworkers who support one another
The daffodils are blooming
My child loves art (especially to draw).
The morning breeze has been such a lovely treat during walks and runs.
Gratitude is abundant.
The smell of spring rain
A new notebook
Pedal steel guitar
I am happy and healthy today
I have valuable friends in my life
I got to spend time out in nature today.
1. Made a nice breakfast.
2. Learned how to cook something new.
3. Helped husband watch a beautiful and moving video that our son created for him.
A walk in the fresh air
My 3 year old going potty!
Being sober today
It’s all so simple
cooking at home every meal for four weeks and counting
still working on great projects from home!
Grateful for my health
My family, friends and relations are also healthy
Feeling Happy and Healthy
I’m truly grateful for the family Friends And love that flows in my life through the people around me…
It’s good to be alive and sober in this beautiful world.
The small things, curiosities, and gestures of kindness.
Grateful for technology like FaceTime. My family has been able to stay connected with my mom who has to completely self isolate due to Stage 4 Cancer. Being able to see her face everyday has kept us all going.
I'm grateful for a healthy body and legs that can take me out in to nature and appreciate the fresh air.
I am humbled by all the good relationships I have in my life. Spending time catching up on the phone with old friends and giving/ receiving true friendship and support during uncertain times has been a true blessing.
The sun is shining and the birds are singing!
I am in good health!
I live on a beautiful island with a beautiful community!
My dogs are happy and my best mates.
Running water.
We are healthy.
I have a job where I can work remotely.
I am healthy.
Keeping in touch with family and friends.
cooking with a kid
sharing an inside joke with your mate
singing to a dog
Being grounded on wisdom
Amazing community of friends
The relationship with my family
My family is with me, and I love them.
Pet rats are wonderful creatures.
I have friends who care about me.
I am a Grandpa.
I love my work.
My daughters grew up to be amazing adults.
My 5 year old son told me two nights ago that I am the most “bootiful girl in the world”.
Wilder (5 yr old) saves his favorite food on his plate for last and Rowan (3) eats his favorite thing first
No matter what kind of music plays Rowan immediately pulls the back of his pants down and begins smacking his booty with complete and utter elation and there is nothing I can do to stop him.
My family is healthy and we have a comfortable place to shelter in
Otherwise grumpy teens are venturing out of their rooms to hang out as a family (miracle!)
God is good
Taking pictures of nature and beauty during my morning walks
Having enough food
Friends who call and give gifts
My son, sick of the food I was providing, is learning to cook crepes—enough to share.
Cloudy skys.
Frogs that chrip.
Cute boys.
Discomfort...a gentle nudge from the universe to seek refuge in God/Spirit
Dance Parties and Glow Stick “raves” with my kids
Almond flavor and scented things and stuff. Yum
That I feel safe
That i have power
That i can spend time with my family
I get to go run this morning.
Finding goodness in bad times.
Trying new healthy recipes with my family
The vibrant colors of fall.
Hugs and kisses with my kids.
Sharing laughter with my partner.
Creative, challenging and meaningful professional and personal work.
My children. They inspire me every day.
My creative, challenging and sweet husband, David A. Brown! :)
Graduating with my MBA in one month
Watching lots of comedies, finding time to laugh
Taught my husband how to sew
Returning to baking and loving it.
My awesome dog and all the time with him.
My new, great house - being stuck here instead of anywhere else.
becoming less wasteful
making my bed every morning
enjoying the downtime to be creative
Old friends from childhood with whom I’m still in touch.
Prayers that I learned as a child that have the power to evaporate fear today.
Having learned mindfulness meditation when I was in my twenties and teaching it to the young people I have the honor to teach.
walk with boys
new skill
Lunch with a friend who lovingly calls me out❤️
FaceTiming with my granddaughter❤️
Swimming this morning❤️
Dogs love us unconditionally
Masturbation doesn't cost a thing
Hot tea tastes good and is good for you
My chickens and the worms in my compost that I use to feed them, don’t know about the pandemic. They hang out and chill with me if I’m stressed or not, and talk to each other in the soothing clucking language that is both weird and wonderful.
When I look into my Husband’s eyes, I picture him all wrapped up like a magnificent gift... because, truly, that’s what he is to me and anyone who knows him. Every day I thank him for being the rock to my roll, and the sugar to my spice.
Three good things is a really good thing, and the people who dreamt it, wrote down notes on a piece of paper about it, created voodoo internet computer language that birthed it into being are also helping me remember to remember that good things stick like the sweetest honey to my soul.
My wife, who is my rock.
Our daughter, who gives us joy.
Our son, who gives us laughter.
Flowers! Mysterious and sensual.
Trees! Wise and shade-making.
My dog! Snuggly and loyal.
My 17-year old daughter and I are getting along the best we ever have.
We live in a beautiful home in a beautiful neighborhood, so get plenty of sunlight and beauty!
I ordered 100 day lily bulbs before this hit - they came last Saturday and were planted Sunday as a border around our two front gardens. They will bring beauty in a month or two.
A full refrigerator
A lovely creek across from my house to watch people walk around & for my family & dogs to walk around in the evenings.
A nice bright home to watch movies in and play games in and live comfortably in with my healthy family.
Starbucks drive-thru person ahead of my daughter paid for her. She gets to see that normal people actually DO this.
My husband, a physician, has avoided getting sick so far.
I got to see my sister again.
There is an abundance of love and creativity in my family.
All of our quarantine meals have been deliciously made and readily devoured.
Quarantine is not forever.
sunsets and spring rain
I’m living every day with the love of my life, my beshert
My daughter is safe and happy surrounded by friends.
I'm able to sketch, draw, and make things each day. It's to a higher caliber of design and detail that it's ever been. I'm grateful for this time to reflect on my work more, and to hone in on my skills.
Poetry. I've practiced poetry since the pandemic, something that I've given up on a few years back. Taking on writing a poem or two daily has been very rewarding for me. I'm able to share my thoughts wholeheartedly.
Plants. Gardening. Having life around me that still thrives happily and provides a happy dwelling.
My wife and best friend Jody Blazek
My son Austin and his wife Natalie and my grandchildren Harrison and Kate.
My son Jay and his wife Lily and my grandson George.
My team is all still employed, healthy and safe
Had a three hour dinner with my nieces and nephews last night.....and no one had to get up early this morning
My friends are in closer touch right now than we have been in years.
Our lawn is being mowed right now!
My students are hanging in with the distance learning.
My family stuns me with their beauty.
My wonderful apt that's clean, cozy, and the perfect place for me to rest and recharge!
The great job that allows me to participate in this wonderful program.
The spiritual practice that allows me to connect and get answers to all of my life's problems.
I did two miles, in tennis shoes, at a park, by myself yesterday. Who even am I?
I am mature enough, and look forward to, my cup of coffee every morning.
I am gainfully employed today.
Having my studio right next door to my house
Connecting with friends way more than usual
Time to work in the garden
My beautiful 8y/o son and partner
Awareness itself
To answer the question, "what is love?"
Cool breeze and warm sunshine in the garden
The confident smiles of my children as they learn, practice, and master new behaviors
The firm warmth of my husbands hands on my back
Our saying during this time is Breath in Hope and Exhale Confidence
The belief in each other is greater than anything standing in our way.
We know this is a tough we for all of us but Jesus’s week
I enjoy spending time with my husband and sun.
Slower pace if my life has let me appreciate the birds singing and the sun shining outside.
Our cat likes having us at home so much she now goes on walks with us!
Having a house full of kids and pets keeps me busy and happy.
The tropical storm passed us by.
So glad I have friends and family to talk to about all the crazy things happening in the world.
My family and I are healthy.
I have the financial resources to get through this.
I have amazing friends from all throughout my life that I have been reconnecting to.
We’re able to sleep in longer each day and not be so rushed.
Every night we get to eat dinner as a family and kids get to help with the cooking as well.
We’ve been able to plant that garden that I never had time for.
the fresh morning and the rain
a calm space to live and work in
tea with milk
Our pear tree is covered in a bazillion white blossoms.
Morning coffee with my husband, every day.
Cuddles with my kids, pretty much any time they’ll let me.
A solid roof over our heads, a warm bed, and all of my family and friends are, so far, healthy (I know that’s 3 but couldn’t resist!)
Our local, well-stocked grocery store
We live in a mountain resort town and there are so many ways to get out and exercise in the fresh air while keeping social distance
I spent a lovely day with Lindsey, my youngest daughter.
I have found a taco truck that makes the absolute best nopalitos tacos.
I am grateful that I learn something new every day.
Standing in front of a Van Gogh, any Van Gogh, seeing the brush strokes in the paint and being taken back in time to experience watching him put that paint on the canvas
Sitting on the side of a mountain in the morning sunshine, hearing the hummingbirds buzz their way through the trees behind me
The silence of a house in the early morning when no one else is awake, being present with the potential the coming day presents
I've had love in the past
I have love now
I have faith that I will have love in my future.
My mom got through three cardiac procedures and it appears success is at hand.
I got to beautify my land today and made it to the dump which is open again.
Bean is getting better and may not die from sour crop after all.
Birds splashing in the birdbath
Sunshine and rainy days
Friday night happy hour in the cul-de-sac with wonderful neighbors
My garden is blooming
Christa is sexy and funny
Our family is loving our new Oculus Quest
I’m healthy
My manifestations are now my reality
Love is a beautiful thing
I am grateful that over time I have developed perspective and therefore realize that how I deal with a situation is at least as important as the situation I am dealing with. Attitude is Everything.
I am grateful for this time to deepen my meditation practice. 21 days in a row. A personal record.
I am so grateful for this tiny village in the Andes that I call home. Safe, secure, all locally produced food, clear, sweet water in the rivers, clear skies, and a wonderful community of people from the local area as well as expats like me.
My family.
Reese’s Peanut butter cups
Ice cold beer on a hot day.
I am spending more time with my children.
Our friend, who is quarantined with us, helps cook.
The wipes and diapers were delivered right before I would have run out. I realize how abundant my life is.
Spending all day with my son, "Mommy time," he calls it.
My stepson's therapy continuing to treat him.
The opportunity to cook my own meals, all day, every day.
I fight for what is right.
I have contingency plans in place.
The bushland right near my house that I get to walk in regularly for my 1 hour
That we are all getting along remarkably well, despite being in lockdown together
I am learning to be more kind to myself
The love of God and family
The generosity and kindness of others during this crisis
Walking outside on a beautiful spring day
I am grateful for all the medical personnel, city/state/federal and other workers who are keeping things going for all of us. I will show my gratitude by fixing lunch for Fire Fighter Lisa V. and her shift crew.
I am grateful for all the Houston and Harris County organizations that are helping people who need nutritional help. I will show my gratitude by making financial donations and make 50 bowls for the Houston Food Bank’s Empty Bowl event.
I am grateful for all the farmers and farm workers in the food supply chain who are keeping food on our table. I’m not sure how I will show my gratitude just yet. Any suggestions?
Enjoying Beautiful flowers I received.
I improved in the kitchen ( there was no white flour to be had in our city, so I made chocolate chip cookies with almond flour and they’re delicious!
The information flowing to me and through me right now is remarkable and I’m really appreciating it!
Sheltering in place with a spouse who is your best friend is actually pretty great.
Modern tech means I can still 'ride with my friends' by combining my indoor trainer and a videoconference.
We have Friday happy hours with our best friends via webcam, and they're lovely.
Eating dinner together as a family
A mindfulness meditation practice I can keep
Trees and clouds in Santa Monica
Lucy my Blind Cat who sees through smell and touch
My dear friend and spiritual teacher
The salty sweat that finds its way out of these clogged pores when I treat my body to long walk in nature
ice cream
I have a job with health insurance.
My son and daughter are alive and healthy.
I lost 3 pounds intentionally this week, with a few more to go.
Grateful for my dad
Love my dog gizmo
Favorite comfy items that make life easier
Long talks on the phone with family and friends.
The little things which make life feel normal - coffee or wine on the deck, long walks ...
Caring neighbors.
My mother
My father
My dog
friends, neighbors & Ellie the cat
having enough
walking on hills and mountains