I got to play with my dog.
Im about to paint!
I’m actually laying down, and this is RARE.
Family time!
Our awesome trails.
Like it or not plenty of time to purge and organize!
The love of my beautiful family
Seeing love in our world
Bringing mindfulness into my life
Creative, challenging and meaningful professional and personal work.
My children. They inspire me every day.
My creative, challenging and sweet husband, David A. Brown! :)
I am able to show up for my family (literally and figuratively).
My cat is very affectionate.
I have a half gallon container of ice cream in the freezer.
Slept in
Took shower
Went to the beach
I'm getting better at driving now that I'm back home (I didn't have a car at college and I got my license last summer).
I'm living by the beach and the mountains, so I get to enjoy nature from my backyard! And there's a family of deer that's been visiting.
I'm healthy, and so are the people I love.
I did two miles, in tennis shoes, at a park, by myself yesterday. Who even am I?
I am mature enough, and look forward to, my cup of coffee every morning.
I am gainfully employed today.
People are pitching in to help their neighbors, and Karma is working: The good that people are doing, is being reciprocated in kind.
While a distant family member has passed from COVID-19, my other family and friends who have it are recovering; and my immediate family is well.
In a time of crisis and uncertainty, when people may be overwhelmed by the media's gloom-and-doom and could use some good news, my friend David Brown created Three Good Things for people to share positive stories to uplift others!
Our beautiful spring garden
Being able to take the time to learn how to bake new things, including the toughest of all: croissants!
Being home to spend time with my 4-year old, my family, and our 3 crazy dogs.
I'm alive.
i have a loving family.
i have people who care about me.
I am alive!
I still have hopes and dreams for the future. The future is uncertain but it will certainly be interesting to see how I navigate my life through the things I've learned at this time.
I have the love of my family and they are safe! Thank you Father God!
My family and I are safe and well.
I have a job and am able to work and get paid.
Today, my mental health is good.
Standing in front of a Van Gogh, any Van Gogh, seeing the brush strokes in the paint and being taken back in time to experience watching him put that paint on the canvas
Sitting on the side of a mountain in the morning sunshine, hearing the hummingbirds buzz their way through the trees behind me
The silence of a house in the early morning when no one else is awake, being present with the potential the coming day presents
I’ve been able to slow down and breathe.
Family dinners have returned and while the dinners may not be gourmet, the connection time is priceless.
My daughter has wanted a garden for many years and we finally have one.
I started sewing again
I have gotten closer with my family
I have a better workout routine now
I’m truly grateful for the family Friends And love that flows in my life through the people around me…
It’s good to be alive and sober in this beautiful world.
The small things, curiosities, and gestures of kindness.
Feeling of a soft silk in your palm..
...music taking you deeper into some unknown...
some glances that you carry with you always..
Getting to spend more quality time with our (young adult) children.
Being forced to slow down and focus on the things that truly matter.
Deeper gratitude for all we have.
Noticing all that I have
Fully being present.
Breath and a new day to try again.
Love (inside and outside).
Having food-- not everyone is so lucky!
Having a supportive family I enjoy being stuck at home with
Having a quiet space I can retreat to
A stray kitten who unexpectedly becomes your best pal.
Fresh herbs from the garden on your salad.
John Prine's soulful songs.
I am healthy
I have a loving partner
The air quality is good today
I'm finally caught up on every series I was watching on Netflix & Prime
I'm learning to be still and happy again
More time to make stuff
I have opportunities to connect with my family, my friends, and my lover even though we are not able to be together right now.
I have a great job and even a side hustle that I am able to do really well from home alone.
I am able to move my body and my breath in various ways that makes me feel good - physically, mentally, and spiritually.
Sending and receiving hand-written notes and cards, via mail and left on doorsteps
Sunday is "baking day": experimenting with new recipes and safely delivering excess baked goods to friends and neighbors
More cuddle-time with my kitty, now that I work from home
Family, friends and coworkers are all healthy
More time to enjoy flowers and plants in my yard. I can actually see them before it is dark!
Watching the Houston community come together.
The air is clean.
The light is beautiful.
I am loved.
Hanging out with almost 18yo son
Time to write
Dogs and their unbelievable, unconditional love
Covid fever broke
Community, the Care Circle that saves me
My dog is alive & tail wagging!
I’m seeing more birds in my yard than ever.
This fucking pandemic has only strengthened the connection/bond/solidarity I have with my incredible wife, Lorena.
With half my life in front of me I still have time to chase more dreams..
The covid pandemic has given me lots of time to think about where I am in this existence
People everywhere love each other and support one another
My dog really loves treats and walks
I have a stable home life
I have great friends
I am healthy
Long talks on the phone with family and friends.
The little things which make life feel normal - coffee or wine on the deck, long walks ...
Caring neighbors.
sunsets and spring rain
I’m living every day with the love of my life, my beshert
My daughter is safe and happy surrounded by friends.
I’m blessed to have an amazing family.
I am working when many are not.
My faith keeps me going every day.
There is a stunning yellow and red hibiscus outside my front window.
I've had an amazing life and seen/done more than I every would have thought possible.
Rich and deep relationships with people who I love and love me.
I have a wonderful wife.
I am at peace with myself, and like who I am.
My cat gives me chest massages after a hard day.
I've been able to exercise every day and eat healthy. This is great for my autoimmune disease.
I'm catching up on many things I was putting off due to social distractions that sometimes weren't worth it.
We are a family of educators. During this time, we have helped tens of kids with school work. Thanks to the internet we have reached more kids than ever.
Eating dinner together as a family
A mindfulness meditation practice I can keep
Trees and clouds in Santa Monica
All my church is doing at this time.
So much lovely and interesting writing.
Friends to laugh with.
My 5 year old son told me two nights ago that I am the most “bootiful girl in the world”.
Wilder (5 yr old) saves his favorite food on his plate for last and Rowan (3) eats his favorite thing first
No matter what kind of music plays Rowan immediately pulls the back of his pants down and begins smacking his booty with complete and utter elation and there is nothing I can do to stop him.
Lunch with a friend who lovingly calls me out❤️
FaceTiming with my granddaughter❤️
Swimming this morning❤️
Flowers! Mysterious and sensual.
Trees! Wise and shade-making.
My dog! Snuggly and loyal.
Daily bike rides with my son gives us tbe opportunity to talk and enjoy being outdoors
Having time for family meals and board games
Being able to participate in Mass online each day
Cooking a meal from scratch, using fresh, high quality ingredients, and sharing it with loved ones afterwards.
Receiving a personal, heartfelt, handwritten letter.
The tremendous joy of seeing an all-time favorite band or musician perform live, and experiencing the world fall away while dancing freely.
I am grateful for all the medical personnel, city/state/federal and other workers who are keeping things going for all of us. I will show my gratitude by fixing lunch for Fire Fighter Lisa V. and her shift crew.
I am grateful for all the Houston and Harris County organizations that are helping people who need nutritional help. I will show my gratitude by making financial donations and make 50 bowls for the Houston Food Bank’s Empty Bowl event.
I am grateful for all the farmers and farm workers in the food supply chain who are keeping food on our table. I’m not sure how I will show my gratitude just yet. Any suggestions?
Grateful for technology like FaceTime. My family has been able to stay connected with my mom who has to completely self isolate due to Stage 4 Cancer. Being able to see her face everyday has kept us all going.
I'm grateful for a healthy body and legs that can take me out in to nature and appreciate the fresh air.
I am humbled by all the good relationships I have in my life. Spending time catching up on the phone with old friends and giving/ receiving true friendship and support during uncertain times has been a true blessing.
Elderly parents are a blessing. It’s there time to reap the rewards of all their sacrifice, to receive thank you’s and amends from their children, and to get and give unconditional loved be from their grand children.
America and it’s people are a special breed. Never in the history of mankind has there ever been a more freedom loving, industrious, pragmatic and principled all inclusive tribe.
Friends are 1) the universes way of saying - “good job” , 2) a reflection of our true essence, and 3) a reminder that principals and love are the real currency of life.
I am a Grandpa.
I love my work.
My daughters grew up to be amazing adults.
Having a house full of kids and pets keeps me busy and happy.
The tropical storm passed us by.
So glad I have friends and family to talk to about all the crazy things happening in the world.
I don't personally know anyone with the virus.
The earth's rebirth this spring is beautiful and a balm for the soul.
There are a lot of entertaining virus related jokes and cartoons that help ease the tension of this difficult time.
Ravi, our dog, life-saving joy bringer
Focus on what really matters and share more of that
Pause..just pause... exit the rat race
My now husband and I had our wedding right before the shelter in place order went into effect. We feel so lucky to have seen all our family and friends just prior to quarantining.
My dog has become a very good girl, she even comes when her name is called (75% of the time).
There are more birds chirping than ever before!
Our saying during this time is Breath in Hope and Exhale Confidence
The belief in each other is greater than anything standing in our way.
We know this is a tough we for all of us but Jesus’s week
I fight for what is right.
I have contingency plans in place.
I am spending more time with my children.
Our friend, who is quarantined with us, helps cook.
The wipes and diapers were delivered right before I would have run out. I realize how abundant my life is.
I am alive.
I’m married to my best friend.
There is a God and it’s not me.
My chickens and the worms in my compost that I use to feed them, don’t know about the pandemic. They hang out and chill with me if I’m stressed or not, and talk to each other in the soothing clucking language that is both weird and wonderful.
When I look into my Husband’s eyes, I picture him all wrapped up like a magnificent gift... because, truly, that’s what he is to me and anyone who knows him. Every day I thank him for being the rock to my roll, and the sugar to my spice.
Three good things is a really good thing, and the people who dreamt it, wrote down notes on a piece of paper about it, created voodoo internet computer language that birthed it into being are also helping me remember to remember that good things stick like the sweetest honey to my soul.
I am alive.
I’m married to my best friend.
There is a God and it’s not me.
Self-Care is FINALLY having it's moment in the sun!
I now know what's really important in my day to day life.
Be the sunshine in somebody else's dark skies. Those rays will reflect back when you need it most.
My family is all well
We are able to help others
My dog reminds me to walk daily
My 17-year old daughter and I are getting along the best we ever have.
We live in a beautiful home in a beautiful neighborhood, so get plenty of sunlight and beauty!
I ordered 100 day lily bulbs before this hit - they came last Saturday and were planted Sunday as a border around our two front gardens. They will bring beauty in a month or two.
My family is well.
I am taking time to meditate and just be.
My friends are ok right now.
breath of life given freely to me today
teachers of all kinds who show me how to practice loving myself and loving others
beauty, everywhere I look for it
My family is healthy and we have a comfortable place to shelter in
Otherwise grumpy teens are venturing out of their rooms to hang out as a family (miracle!)
God is good
The air is clean.
The light is beautiful.
I am loved.
Hot showers
Fresh fruit
Toilet paper
I am in a loving relationship that feels like home.
I have an amazing support network that brings me great joy and laughter.
I am learning every day.
I am healthy
I feel safe
I saw refreshing yellow tulips through the door
A walk in the fresh air
My 3 year old going potty!
Being sober today
Borderdoodle puppies
The calmness of when the sun is set after all that needed to be done is completed
My husband is amazing! He created this gratitude generator ;)
The nuns who taught me handwriting. I'm forever grateful for how much this skill mattered to them. I LOVE HANDWRITING.
Clean water.
I get to work at home and be here for my kids, helping them learn
I get to work out with my wife, which I would of never had time to do
We’re all still healthy
safety during this pandemic
time to go hiking
being home to cuddle with my dog
I woke up alive
Getting school prep done
Coffee time
Fixed the kitchen ceiling! Long overdue!
Spending lots of time with my wife and youngest daughter - and soon oldest daughter when she comes home from university on Friday!
My sister’s second cancer surgery shows very promising results!
My garden is thriving and in bloom.
My family is healthy and safe.
I am more present in my daily life with this moment that is slowing down the time.
Spring is so fragrant this season. Jasmine and Gardenias <3
Fresh sweet loquats right from the tree.
World Wide Web :)
I take long walks in nature everyday. I notice the trees,sky and flowers on my walks.
I connect with friends around the world laugh,share, and have amazing conversations
I explore creating new recipes and cook healthy meals everyday
My family are all healthy and remain employed at the moment.
My pets are amazing little creatures of fun and comfort.
Super grateful to be home, cooking and sharing healthy meals, and time.
Installed a new laundry sink faucet without a single trip needing to be taken to the hardware store!
Found out our lone local hospital is not overrun with Covid cases.
I managed to complete the first draft of *The Neurobiology of Aspiration* presentation in record time!
My wife, who is my rock.
Our daughter, who gives us joy.
Our son, who gives us laughter.
1. Made a nice breakfast.
2. Learned how to cook something new.
3. Helped husband watch a beautiful and moving video that our son created for him.
seeing our entire community come together, practice social distancing and stay home so all can stay healthy
having the whole family home
that the liquor store is considered an ‘essential’ business and can remain open
Call a friend to say hi
Did in my back yard
Help my wife through pregnancy
I'm slowing down and spending time with my family. My son is almost 3 months old and I'm really appreciating the opportunity to watch him learn and grow.
I'm getting creative in the kitchen! I've never loved cooking, but recently I've been enjoying the time in the kitchen to cook and enjoy a glass of wine to wind down my day.
My physical health and the fact that I can still enjoy the sport I love! I'm healthy and able to go outside and run and am appreciating each step!
My family, extended family, and friends are well and we haven't gone completely stir-crazy remaining home.
My company is able to work remotely and my co-workers are well. We will get through these challenges and come out strong.
My sister in San Francisco is safe and healthy and she'll give birth later this summer to a new niece or nephew.
I get to do things I haven’t had time to do ever before
I run and move and meditate every day
I am learning new ways to distress and align
I’m alive
I’m 8 years sober today
Birthday cake for breakfast
That I get SO MUCH joy from the discovery of using the blender for my tea with coconut milk and having FROTHY GOODNESS all day long!!!
That I have an awesome apartment and am loving a feeling of groundedness in my own space (after being uprooted by COVID)!
That my mother had the wherewithal and courage to not pass down the helicopter parenting see had, and instilled me and my sisters with bravery
Find what you love and RUN toward it
Practice kindness and compassion to each person you meet and it will return to you
Everything happens for me, not to me - Bryon
My son has started taking joy from making me laugh.
Beta blockers help and I it took a pandemic to make me try.
Looking out for “firsts” keeps my mind off the things I miss.
The loving cuddles and purrs from a feline in your lap.
The beauty of snowcapped mountains on the horizon behind the lake.
The comfort of a warm bowl of hearty, home made soup on a chilly fall evening.
I have my health and live in Canada
Grateful for my family and friends
Feel lucky to have been loved in my life
My kids are healthy.
Peaceful protests in Houston.
In the end love wins.
My mother
My father
My dog
we made it through the surge of infection and are on our way down.
fresh fruit and vegetables are available
my local dairy barn