I woke up sober
I have hope today
I told the truth as uncomfortable as it was
get to stay home with my family
pleanty of food
My dog thinks I'm the best!
I think my dog's the best!
Change is the only constant -- this too shall pass (whatever "this" may be).
I’m blessed to have an amazing family.
I am working when many are not.
My faith keeps me going every day.
Health in my body and spirit
A Saturday filled with favorites
I spent a lovely day with Lindsey, my youngest daughter.
I have found a taco truck that makes the absolute best nopalitos tacos.
I am grateful that I learn something new every day.
I’m not allergic to chocolate.
Life is a beach.
You can learn something from everyone.
A slow jog with my dogs
the family of downy woodpeckers enjoying the suit cakes
a blooming crepe myrtle
smell of Jasmine
my son's smile
I have opportunities to connect with my family, my friends, and my lover even though we are not able to be together right now.
I have a great job and even a side hustle that I am able to do really well from home alone.
I am able to move my body and my breath in various ways that makes me feel good - physically, mentally, and spiritually.
I'm getting better at driving now that I'm back home (I didn't have a car at college and I got my license last summer).
I'm living by the beach and the mountains, so I get to enjoy nature from my backyard! And there's a family of deer that's been visiting.
I'm healthy, and so are the people I love.
I have a kitten
I play guitar very well
I am proud of my daughters
I have so much more than what I need and am reminded of it daily when I wake up.
People are stepping up in ways, tiny and huge, to help people they don't even know who may need it and we are seeing many much needed glimpses of goodness all across the country.
I'm stuck in the house my husband and I built, with him, and it is a space I truly love with my forever best friend.
My beautiful 8y/o son and partner
Awareness itself
To answer the question, "what is love?"
Family (+pets)
We’re able to sleep in longer each day and not be so rushed.
Every night we get to eat dinner as a family and kids get to help with the cooking as well.
We’ve been able to plant that garden that I never had time for.
walk with boys
new skill
Having the time to deepen my relationships with my children
New picnic tables in the backyard
Homemade paneer and surprising myself with new cooking abilities
I’ve been able to slow down and breathe.
Family dinners have returned and while the dinners may not be gourmet, the connection time is priceless.
My daughter has wanted a garden for many years and we finally have one.
surrounded by loved ones
having the guts to embrace the unknown
Lucy my Blind Cat who sees through smell and touch
My dear friend and spiritual teacher
The salty sweat that finds its way out of these clogged pores when I treat my body to long walk in nature
cooking with a kid
sharing an inside joke with your mate
singing to a dog
Warm sunlight on a cold day
Coffee in the morning
Winter is here! The sky is blue, the sun is out and the snow is beautiful.
New ideas, new connections and new energy!
There is an abundance of love and creativity in my family.
All of our quarantine meals have been deliciously made and readily devoured.
Quarantine is not forever.
Showing up and supporting my loved ones is a pleasure and privilege, not a chore.
Today I am guided by the experiential knowledge that if I follow the path in my heart, everything will be OK.
I have plenty of ammunition.
Getting to spend more quality time with our (young adult) children.
Being forced to slow down and focus on the things that truly matter.
Deeper gratitude for all we have.
Our pear tree is covered in a bazillion white blossoms.
Morning coffee with my husband, every day.
Cuddles with my kids, pretty much any time they’ll let me.
Spending all day with my son, "Mommy time," he calls it.
My stepson's therapy continuing to treat him.
The opportunity to cook my own meals, all day, every day.
Our other daughter, a doctor at Seattle’s Harborview hospital, slept well last night
Our daughter tied her hair up in a beautiful Swedish bun as she went to work today
Our bird, named “bird” didn’t bite me this morning
My 5 year old son told me two nights ago that I am the most “bootiful girl in the world”.
Wilder (5 yr old) saves his favorite food on his plate for last and Rowan (3) eats his favorite thing first
No matter what kind of music plays Rowan immediately pulls the back of his pants down and begins smacking his booty with complete and utter elation and there is nothing I can do to stop him.
Taking pictures of nature and beauty during my morning walks
Having enough food
Friends who call and give gifts
My ALF check-in today, renewed friendships, and new connections!
Outdoor swim safely restarting for my children who are USA Swimmers!
Rube Goldberg challenges keeping my fifth grader fully engaged!
I fight for what is right.
I have contingency plans in place.
My family is all well
We are able to help others
My dog reminds me to walk daily
My family members are with me togethet
Enough money to eat and sleep
Very obedient and understanding sons
Good tea.
Sweet old dogs.
Fluffy and sassy cats.
This web site.
Financial stability doing work we mostly enjoy.
Being a healthy 50-something.
That I feel safe
That i have power
That i can spend time with my family
Sunshine, blue skies, and a cool wind
The opportunity to engage with deep questions
A purple pen to write with on a spiral bound hardback journal
My garden is growing.
My family is safe and healthy.
I’m alive!
Time to enjoy my garden
Our family has never been so close
Cocktails every day!
Old friends from childhood with whom I’m still in touch.
Prayers that I learned as a child that have the power to evaporate fear today.
Having learned mindfulness meditation when I was in my twenties and teaching it to the young people I have the honor to teach.
Our family is following safe Covid 19 protocols...wearing masks, social distancing and washing hands, so we are doing what we can to protect ourselves and others from Covid infection, and helping to stop the spread of this dreaded Pandemic.
We are thinking and acting more creatively: making face masks out of hand me down shirts or recycled pillow cases, taking seeds from fruits and vegetables we eat (ie. apples, limes, lemons, tomatoes, potatoes, and bell peppers,) and planting them in planters or in our garden, and making and jarring homemade jam from the figs in our backyard fig tree.
We are enjoying noticing more bird species in our backyard, some of which we hadn’t useen since just after Hurricane Harvey!
Each breath
Sitting under a canopy of trees
The privilege of learning
friends, neighbors & Ellie the cat
having enough
walking on hills and mountains
My wife, who is my rock.
Our daughter, who gives us joy.
Our son, who gives us laughter.
Slept in
Took shower
Went to the beach
The boundless possibilities of good that technology holds.
I have a job where I can work remotely.
I am healthy.
Keeping in touch with family and friends.
I've been able to exercise every day and eat healthy. This is great for my autoimmune disease.
I'm catching up on many things I was putting off due to social distractions that sometimes weren't worth it.
We are a family of educators. During this time, we have helped tens of kids with school work. Thanks to the internet we have reached more kids than ever.
I have a fabulous well paid job that I can perform from home
We have a very comfortable home with lovely gardens
I am surrounded by loving family (husband and sons) and we are supporting each other through this challenging time
I was able to come to my parents house to ride this thing out.
I have my art supplies with me and set up a studio in their garage.
Finally learning how to play my guitar.
Got a vaccine.
watched a free webinar
have my health
I am getting to know myself better.
I am grateful to spend time with Tim.
I am grateful to be healthy and safe.
I have a job with health insurance.
My son and daughter are alive and healthy.
I lost 3 pounds intentionally this week, with a few more to go.
Having a job this period is so important. First of all it keeps me busy and active for half a day. Then the nature of my job allows me to be helpful for other people who are going through intense feelings at the moment. Finally, a job offers me security both financially and socially.I'm grateful for my job.
I'm grateful for my partner. He is there to offer me a hug at night, a laugh during the day, a discussion on what is important and intense feelings when values are being compromised. He makes me breakfast in the morning after I have served coffee. At nights he makes the best salads in the world. He is smart, funny and helpful in times of need.
I'm grateful for covid19. It sounds strange but it kinda forced me to use my anxiety in a new and productive way. I was always avoiding therapy through telephone. Now I feel I have overcome this barrier of anxiety as I work from home and I'm on the phone with clients for the most part of my workday. It also gave me the opportunity to spend more time with my partner who is also working from home. In 6 months I have seen him more times than I have seen him in eight years. Lastly, I allowed myself to utilise time otherwise spent outside, by doing creative work on setting up my business, upskilling, daily physical exercise.
My family all back under the same roof and we really enjoy each other and encourage each other
My extended family is supportive, genuine and awesome
I have friends I love and they love me back
You are alive
You are loved
There is a beauty to your journey that was made just for you
Grateful for the box of chocolate and dulce de leche cones from Argentina that a friend brought and a thank you gift
Thankful for the workers at hospitals, grocery stores and public transport
Thankful that I’m with my husband in this strange moment of my life
I have safe shelter and access to plenty of food
People around the world join me twice a day on Facebook as I leave my healing and sitting meditations #LifeIsGreat
The level of love and support that people are showing to each other every day
Humanity and compassion in action.
Faith, peace, connection, and love.
safety during this pandemic
time to go hiking
being home to cuddle with my dog
My husband is amazing! He created this gratitude generator ;)
The nuns who taught me handwriting. I'm forever grateful for how much this skill mattered to them. I LOVE HANDWRITING.
Clean water.
Being grounded on wisdom
Amazing community of friends
The relationship with my family
The love and companionship of my bulldog
The smile of a kiddo in the neighborhood as he rode his bike down the sidewalk.
The comfort of a warm house.
My kids are healthy.
Peaceful protests in Houston.
In the end love wins.
I have 4 dogs that bring me joy.
I have work that engages my mind & teaches me new things at 50.
I live in a city where the protests have been peaceful protests with very little violence.
I can improve my home and garden a lot.
I found some good reading material.
Amazon still delivers quickly.
A walk in the fresh air
My 3 year old going potty!
Being sober today
My dogs are happy and my best mates.
Running water.
We are healthy.
My smart, kind and courageous daughters
Finding my wonderful birth family
Having a life filled with purpose
My 17-year old daughter and I are getting along the best we ever have.
We live in a beautiful home in a beautiful neighborhood, so get plenty of sunlight and beauty!
I ordered 100 day lily bulbs before this hit - they came last Saturday and were planted Sunday as a border around our two front gardens. They will bring beauty in a month or two.
cooking at home every meal for four weeks and counting
still working on great projects from home!
Soul-filling music!
Cozy slippers
Loving friends
I'm able to sketch, draw, and make things each day. It's to a higher caliber of design and detail that it's ever been. I'm grateful for this time to reflect on my work more, and to hone in on my skills.
Poetry. I've practiced poetry since the pandemic, something that I've given up on a few years back. Taking on writing a poem or two daily has been very rewarding for me. I'm able to share my thoughts wholeheartedly.
Plants. Gardening. Having life around me that still thrives happily and provides a happy dwelling.
Today is a Good Day.
Called a friend and we laughed and laughed about something I can't even remember now ...
My tomatoes are getting really, really big ...
played with the dog
I did a new blog
I learnt how to manage my bookings
Every day is a new day.
Tough times never last, tough people do.
Things will get better.
My beautiful daughter and son
My open hearted and generous companion: my dog Max!
Daffodils - so bright and yellow - they remind Springs comes after the cold and grey of winter months
That my family and I are in good health!
We are surrounded by beautiful nature and are able to enjoy it due to the vastness of Open Spaces in Colorado.
We've had so much family time!
Flowers! Mysterious and sensual.
Trees! Wise and shade-making.
My dog! Snuggly and loyal.
The friends that I have grown closer with over the past few months
My even being here and making it to the point that I'm at in my life
Being able to draw
My three kids
Spring Weather
Dinner together as a family....
Wool blankets
Cold, crisp air
Sunny days
Graduating with my MBA in one month
Watching lots of comedies, finding time to laugh
Taught my husband how to sew
Watching smoke rose off burning stick of Palo Santo and waiting for the scent to reach my nose
Laying in bed with my soon to be 5 year old looking at images of Star Wars birthday cakes he wants (and somehow thinks mommy can make)
Cooking a meal and it was not only edible but actually pretty damn delicious!!
Having a house full of kids and pets keeps me busy and happy.
The tropical storm passed us by.
So glad I have friends and family to talk to about all the crazy things happening in the world.
I am healthy
I feel safe
I saw refreshing yellow tulips through the door
So grateful to be here in this group
Grateful for technology
Grateful for my breath
That my twin boys are healthy and happy
That I stayed sober through their early months
That my husband is building us an amazing cabin in the words
Grateful for technology like FaceTime. My family has been able to stay connected with my mom who has to completely self isolate due to Stage 4 Cancer. Being able to see her face everyday has kept us all going.
I'm grateful for a healthy body and legs that can take me out in to nature and appreciate the fresh air.
I am humbled by all the good relationships I have in my life. Spending time catching up on the phone with old friends and giving/ receiving true friendship and support during uncertain times has been a true blessing.
My amazing, supportive friends.
My brothers - two of my best friends
The mountains I get to run and hike in
Gorgeous yellow magnolia tree
Sunny day in the park with a friend 6’ away
Stocked up on some good food
Cloudy skys.
Frogs that chrip.
Cute boys.
My entire family is healthy.
The grass and trees everywhere are so green!
I’m so glad I’m not alone.