Our beautiful spring garden
Being able to take the time to learn how to bake new things, including the toughest of all: croissants!
Being home to spend time with my 4-year old, my family, and our 3 crazy dogs.
The flowers and trees and seedlings are growing so fast right now you can practically watch them - good signs of abundance and hope and normalcy
I have the time to be in my house and my yard and I love my house and my yard. I long for “boring” days at home all year long.
my boys researched and planned and executed a great art project this week as a birthday gift for one of our dearest friends and neighbors who are like family - so much love in the doing and the giving and the receiving
My neighborhood has shifted from back yards to front yards.
The meaning of country borders is temporarily diminished.
In the spaces between anxiety, new flavors of creativity are emerging.
I don't personally know anyone with the virus.
The earth's rebirth this spring is beautiful and a balm for the soul.
There are a lot of entertaining virus related jokes and cartoons that help ease the tension of this difficult time.
The air is clean.
The light is beautiful.
I am loved.
My dog Murphy gets to spend more time with me than ever.
The health and safety of my friends and family.
The ability to support local businesses during this tough time.
I did a great job leading a ZOOM meeting today!
I am focusing much more on what is REALLY important.
My dogs are amazing, completely loving, protective, kind creatures.
I've had love in the past
I have love now
I have faith that I will have love in my future.
Observing and benefitting from Mother Nature in its beauty.
A belief in common humanity, in the many hopes and dreams we all share with everyone around the globe.
A belief that character matters. A belief that kindness, respect, civility, decency, and compassion are immeasurable values.
Indoor plumbing!
A warm house on a cold day
I have my health, my family, my friends.
The sky is a beautiful blue today.
The new normal might be better than the old normal. Possibilities!
We are healthy!
My family has shared more meals and together time in the last 3 weeks than we have in years. They have been wonderful!
Beautiful weather. Its sunny and 60 degrees!
My family is healthy and we have a comfortable place to shelter in
Otherwise grumpy teens are venturing out of their rooms to hang out as a family (miracle!)
God is good
Just played golf on a beautiful Spring Day
Lots of time to exercise and meditate
Separation makes me appreciate my friends I can’t see and I can’t wait to spend time with them again soon
becoming less wasteful
making my bed every morning
enjoying the downtime to be creative
Talking on the phone with friends.
Hearing the birds in the morning.
Sleeping with the windows open.
I love working with my clients
Have plenty to nurture my body
Having an awakening
I teach.
I run.
I love.
My husband came home today.
Walks with my dog on these beautiful days.
Great laughs with my teenagers in the kitchen.
My Pop is happy, healthy and laughs a lot!
Love the sun on my skin and that extra dose of vitamin D
Everyday I have a chance to make wiser choices.
I am spending more time with my family and getting closer with everyone
I have realized how beautiful the world is by taking walks
Realizing how much I love the people in my life
My sobriety.
Grateful to be safe and with a roof over my head and food.
Finding love in a partner that let’s us operate as two contributing souls!
Art Making
My bright resilient children!
I bought a house in Albuquerque in the middle of a pandemic!
Our sweet little family waking up today to snow; happy and healthy
Opportunities abound
Being in the moment
The springtime weather has been exceptional!
The children in neighborhood are resilient — I heard them laughing and playing outside and it was music to my ears!
My fur friend is a wonderful quarantine companion and is enjoying our longer, more frequent walks.
My beautiful 8y/o son and partner
Awareness itself
To answer the question, "what is love?"
Flowers! Mysterious and sensual.
Trees! Wise and shade-making.
My dog! Snuggly and loyal.
My son has started taking joy from making me laugh.
Beta blockers help and I it took a pandemic to make me try.
Looking out for “firsts” keeps my mind off the things I miss.
That my twin boys are healthy and happy
That I stayed sober through their early months
That my husband is building us an amazing cabin in the words
My sobriety
My kids that have shown me true love
My dogs who love me unconditionally
My body still works
I am still employed
I have enough
I'm practising "pause and breathing" moments with my clients every day during my coaching practice
I thank myself for finding short spaces of calm and deep listening everyday ....without planning too much ...whenever it happens
reading one hour every day......
The beauty of nature and the ability to enjoy it.
My body and good health.
Loving relationships.
I am extremely grateful for the family that I have grown up with. My family has always been super caring and understanding of any mistakes I make. They always try to support me in any way that they can while also giving me a feeling of independence.
I am super grateful for where I live as well. I feel like Washington is where I belong. So many people that share the same political views as me as well as the beautiful sights to see.
I am super grateful to have such supportive friends. My friends have always been super supportive of my decisions in terms of a career path as well as my hobbies! Many of them join me in my hobbies and it makes whatever I'm doing feel like it has validation.
Drink a morning cup of coffee
Hugging you children
i can smell the ocean from my house.
we have a president with a heart.
my 13 year old daughter is kind and independent
I spent a lovely day with Lindsey, my youngest daughter.
I have found a taco truck that makes the absolute best nopalitos tacos.
I am grateful that I learn something new every day.
Cloudy skys.
Frogs that chrip.
Cute boys.
Sunny day
I am love Emanuel Thomas keating
Everything is meant to belearn
My amazing, supportive friends.
My brothers - two of my best friends
The mountains I get to run and hike in
Having a job this period is so important. First of all it keeps me busy and active for half a day. Then the nature of my job allows me to be helpful for other people who are going through intense feelings at the moment. Finally, a job offers me security both financially and socially.I'm grateful for my job.
I'm grateful for my partner. He is there to offer me a hug at night, a laugh during the day, a discussion on what is important and intense feelings when values are being compromised. He makes me breakfast in the morning after I have served coffee. At nights he makes the best salads in the world. He is smart, funny and helpful in times of need.
I'm grateful for covid19. It sounds strange but it kinda forced me to use my anxiety in a new and productive way. I was always avoiding therapy through telephone. Now I feel I have overcome this barrier of anxiety as I work from home and I'm on the phone with clients for the most part of my workday. It also gave me the opportunity to spend more time with my partner who is also working from home. In 6 months I have seen him more times than I have seen him in eight years. Lastly, I allowed myself to utilise time otherwise spent outside, by doing creative work on setting up my business, upskilling, daily physical exercise.
A full refrigerator
A lovely creek across from my house to watch people walk around & for my family & dogs to walk around in the evenings.
A nice bright home to watch movies in and play games in and live comfortably in with my healthy family.
My garden is thriving and in bloom.
My family is healthy and safe.
I am more present in my daily life with this moment that is slowing down the time.
My adorable healthy and happy granddaughters
My exciting and fulfilling work
I finally got covid vaccine just now..major feat in NY
Grateful for the good health and love in my life
Motivated at work, feeling lucky to have it!
Sharing love and presence thru deep listening
Boxing a bag instead of your neighbors face. Anger channeled well.
The art of practicing who you are.
Fine art which speaks to you, and touches you so deeply you sob with tears.
I'm appreciative for getting a good nights sleep.
i had a great breakfast.
I have a loving family.
I have safe shelter and access to plenty of food
People around the world join me twice a day on Facebook as I leave my healing and sitting meditations #LifeIsGreat
The level of love and support that people are showing to each other every day
I am alive.
I’m married to my best friend.
There is a God and it’s not me.
Soul-filling music!
Cozy slippers
Loving friends
I am healthy
Toilet paper may be scarce but sweet chili Doritos are stocked and in muh belly
My friend dressed like Gandalf today and started a live video of her dancing, made me smile
The way it smells outside, after it rains.
Being in love.
Skiing in the mountains after a fresh snowfall.
I had a 4 hour phone call about really vulnerable things with a friend I hadn’t talked to in years, and it felt cathartic.
I get to eat fresh vegetables everyday.
I feel hopeful and less in pain than I have in weeks.
My family and I are healthy.
I have the financial resources to get through this.
I have amazing friends from all throughout my life that I have been reconnecting to.
Watching smoke rose off burning stick of Palo Santo and waiting for the scent to reach my nose
Laying in bed with my soon to be 5 year old looking at images of Star Wars birthday cakes he wants (and somehow thinks mommy can make)
Cooking a meal and it was not only edible but actually pretty damn delicious!!
Returning to baking and loving it.
My awesome dog and all the time with him.
My new, great house - being stuck here instead of anywhere else.
I have my health and live in Canada
Grateful for my family and friends
Feel lucky to have been loved in my life
I am reading and considering God’s Word more consistently.
I find meaning in my career.
We have loving and connected relationships with our grown kids.
Wasabi Almonds
My mom
My dad bought me a bike
Bag of local veg delivered to me
Stimulus check deposited today
Elderly parents are a blessing. It’s there time to reap the rewards of all their sacrifice, to receive thank you’s and amends from their children, and to get and give unconditional loved be from their grand children.
America and it’s people are a special breed. Never in the history of mankind has there ever been a more freedom loving, industrious, pragmatic and principled all inclusive tribe.
Friends are 1) the universes way of saying - “good job” , 2) a reflection of our true essence, and 3) a reminder that principals and love are the real currency of life.
Sheltering in place with a spouse who is your best friend is actually pretty great.
Modern tech means I can still 'ride with my friends' by combining my indoor trainer and a videoconference.
We have Friday happy hours with our best friends via webcam, and they're lovely.
Hanging out with almost 18yo son
Time to write
Dogs and their unbelievable, unconditional love
Those who sow abundantly reap abundantly
Love helping people during Covin 19
Love family
My family and friends are healthy.
Faith in God that he will get us through this.
Seeing people helping others (including my HEB’s)
I am working
Our foundation is about to help a lot more pets
My friends are always there for me
My son, sick of the food I was providing, is learning to cook crepes—enough to share.
cooking at home every meal for four weeks and counting
still working on great projects from home!
My three boys are thriving.
Grateful to see young people taking the reins and leading us to a more honest reckoning of who we are as a society, in service to who we can become.
Grateful for good friends and for the natural beauty all around.
Each breath
Sitting under a canopy of trees
The privilege of learning
My son proposed to the most amazing woman ever !!! We are a very lucky family to have her.
Everyone is finally healthy in my immediate family this is a blessing after we lost my baby brother on April 13th, my mom 2 months later June 17th.
We finally after 30 years were able to put siding on our home. We replaced 30-year-old windows and skylights that won't leak !!!
The way my fiancé looks at me when he wakes up.
My health and mental capabilities.
Homemade bread.
I am surviving
I am proud of myself
I am worth it
My friends and boyfriend
My job
My chances to get a quality education.
I got to play with my dog.
Im about to paint!
I’m actually laying down, and this is RARE.
I have a fabulous well paid job that I can perform from home
We have a very comfortable home with lovely gardens
I am surrounded by loving family (husband and sons) and we are supporting each other through this challenging time
Hot showers and soapy water
Ability to write coherently in ink on paper
Imaginary friends who write me back.
Almost finished tax declaration. Trying to apply mindfulness in dificult moments.
Tryed new recipy and it was good :)
Trying to apply mindfulness in dificult moments.
I am absolutely overjoyed by my dogs every single day.
I get to live with and love the most amazing man, the best person I’ve ever met.
Life is so stinkin’ beautiful. Emphasis on the stinkin AND the beautiful.
Lucy my Blind Cat who sees through smell and touch
My dear friend and spiritual teacher
The salty sweat that finds its way out of these clogged pores when I treat my body to long walk in nature
Our family environment is safe and loving.
Our good health.
Our family, friends and loved ones are for the most part, doing well.
Time spent with my daughter today
Bird feeding in my garden today
Organising a family meal for Valentine’s Day and shopping today for the ingredients
I’m not allergic to chocolate.
Life is a beach.
You can learn something from everyone.
I am alive
I have shelter
I have food
I was able to come to my parents house to ride this thing out.
I have my art supplies with me and set up a studio in their garage.
Finally learning how to play my guitar.
Spontaneous drawing parties.
Living in a world where more knowledge is being shared freely - access to free educational resources, more webinars with brilliant people. I love it.
I just invested in a new rowing machine and am pretty chuffed about that.
Find what you love and RUN toward it
Practice kindness and compassion to each person you meet and it will return to you
Everything happens for me, not to me - Bryon
A walk in the fresh air
My 3 year old going potty!
Being sober today
My family all back under the same roof and we really enjoy each other and encourage each other
My extended family is supportive, genuine and awesome
I have friends I love and they love me back
I woke up early and was able to check off many things from my "to-do" list
The weather is gorgeous today!
I still have a job!
Our family is following safe Covid 19 protocols...wearing masks, social distancing and washing hands, so we are doing what we can to protect ourselves and others from Covid infection, and helping to stop the spread of this dreaded Pandemic.
We are thinking and acting more creatively: making face masks out of hand me down shirts or recycled pillow cases, taking seeds from fruits and vegetables we eat (ie. apples, limes, lemons, tomatoes, potatoes, and bell peppers,) and planting them in planters or in our garden, and making and jarring homemade jam from the figs in our backyard fig tree.
We are enjoying noticing more bird species in our backyard, some of which we hadn’t useen since just after Hurricane Harvey!
Wise@Work Mental Health App
Dad's Health Care
Family @ Spring Sunny Days
Having dinner with my children
The green space outside the backyard
Conversations with my girlfriends whether in person or on the phone
The sun is shining
My kids are healthy
I feel loved
I have no worries about food and my husband makes me breakfast each morning
I have a job interview
One of my book chapters was just published!
Starbucks drive-thru person ahead of my daughter paid for her. She gets to see that normal people actually DO this.
My husband, a physician, has avoided getting sick so far.
I got to see my sister again.