Covid fever broke
Community, the Care Circle that saves me
My dog is alive & tail wagging!
I am healthy
I feel safe
I saw refreshing yellow tulips through the door
This web site.
Financial stability doing work we mostly enjoy.
Being a healthy 50-something.
The love of God and family
The generosity and kindness of others during this crisis
Walking outside on a beautiful spring day
Family time!
Our awesome trails.
Like it or not plenty of time to purge and organize!
Stuffed animals
Sunshine most days
I am in a loving relationship that feels like home.
I have an amazing support network that brings me great joy and laughter.
I am learning every day.
Having a job this period is so important. First of all it keeps me busy and active for half a day. Then the nature of my job allows me to be helpful for other people who are going through intense feelings at the moment. Finally, a job offers me security both financially and socially.I'm grateful for my job.
I'm grateful for my partner. He is there to offer me a hug at night, a laugh during the day, a discussion on what is important and intense feelings when values are being compromised. He makes me breakfast in the morning after I have served coffee. At nights he makes the best salads in the world. He is smart, funny and helpful in times of need.
I'm grateful for covid19. It sounds strange but it kinda forced me to use my anxiety in a new and productive way. I was always avoiding therapy through telephone. Now I feel I have overcome this barrier of anxiety as I work from home and I'm on the phone with clients for the most part of my workday. It also gave me the opportunity to spend more time with my partner who is also working from home. In 6 months I have seen him more times than I have seen him in eight years. Lastly, I allowed myself to utilise time otherwise spent outside, by doing creative work on setting up my business, upskilling, daily physical exercise.
I am far more resilient than I thought
It has given me time to consider where my life was going and how I need to stay in contact more with old friends
I have cooking and enjoying it and surprising my family and myself with the variety and quality
My garden is thriving and in bloom.
My family is healthy and safe.
I am more present in my daily life with this moment that is slowing down the time.
My immediate family has no terminal illness.
Caring neighbors.
No financial worries at this time. Thank you Creator for all this.
Standing in front of a Van Gogh, any Van Gogh, seeing the brush strokes in the paint and being taken back in time to experience watching him put that paint on the canvas
Sitting on the side of a mountain in the morning sunshine, hearing the hummingbirds buzz their way through the trees behind me
The silence of a house in the early morning when no one else is awake, being present with the potential the coming day presents
I get to do things I haven’t had time to do ever before
I run and move and meditate every day
I am learning new ways to distress and align
Just played golf on a beautiful Spring Day
Lots of time to exercise and meditate
Separation makes me appreciate my friends I can’t see and I can’t wait to spend time with them again soon
I’ve been able to slow down and breathe.
Family dinners have returned and while the dinners may not be gourmet, the connection time is priceless.
My daughter has wanted a garden for many years and we finally have one.
Staying cool
We got snacks
Cold drinks
I am extremely grateful for the family that I have grown up with. My family has always been super caring and understanding of any mistakes I make. They always try to support me in any way that they can while also giving me a feeling of independence.
I am super grateful for where I live as well. I feel like Washington is where I belong. So many people that share the same political views as me as well as the beautiful sights to see.
I am super grateful to have such supportive friends. My friends have always been super supportive of my decisions in terms of a career path as well as my hobbies! Many of them join me in my hobbies and it makes whatever I'm doing feel like it has validation.
Being together with my children every day.
Having to have experienced the most amazing and sincerest love of a soulmate.
The sound of the birds more audible than ever now that traffic is gone away.
Indoor plumbing!
A warm house on a cold day
My road to healing my digestive organs.
I can eat almost whatever I want! Much better than all these weird diets I was on!
I can dance! It makes life easier.
I can improve my home and garden a lot.
I found some good reading material.
Amazon still delivers quickly.
Watching smoke rose off burning stick of Palo Santo and waiting for the scent to reach my nose
Laying in bed with my soon to be 5 year old looking at images of Star Wars birthday cakes he wants (and somehow thinks mommy can make)
Cooking a meal and it was not only edible but actually pretty damn delicious!!
There are friendly, happy people all around.
The world’s problems have solutions.
There is always a chance to do better.
Our sweet little family waking up today to snow; happy and healthy
Opportunities abound
Being in the moment
My wife, who is my rock.
Our daughter, who gives us joy.
Our son, who gives us laughter.
Spring is so fragrant this season. Jasmine and Gardenias <3
Fresh sweet loquats right from the tree.
World Wide Web :)
My team is all still employed, healthy and safe
Had a three hour dinner with my nieces and nephews last night.....and no one had to get up early this morning
My friends are in closer touch right now than we have been in years.
There is a solution.
My family is healthy and safe.
I get to live in a city I love that's filled with people I love.
Carbs are friends & food!
I get to spend more time with my cat than ever before (he's a diabolical mastermind of distraction).
I'm cooking more than ever and growing my own food too!
I am reading and considering God’s Word more consistently.
I find meaning in my career.
We have loving and connected relationships with our grown kids.
My family is all well
We are able to help others
My dog reminds me to walk daily
My mom and I live close so we get to see each other regularly during this time of isolation.
The weather is warm and I live near water. Its a beautiful place to be and experience.
I'm enrolled in classes that interest and challenge me to grow as a student and an artist.
A solid roof over our heads, a warm bed, and all of my family and friends are, so far, healthy (I know that’s 3 but couldn’t resist!)
Our local, well-stocked grocery store
We live in a mountain resort town and there are so many ways to get out and exercise in the fresh air while keeping social distance
My wonderful apt that's clean, cozy, and the perfect place for me to rest and recharge!
The great job that allows me to participate in this wonderful program.
The spiritual practice that allows me to connect and get answers to all of my life's problems.
My loved ones' health, as well as my own.
The strength I have been blessed with that pushes me to overcome anything.
My newfound awareness that changed my life forever and for the better.
The vibrant colors of fall.
Hugs and kisses with my kids.
Sharing laughter with my partner.
Having the love of my Lord and Savior.
I am healthy
I have a job
Spending special time with my husband who is a musician so was often away on tour. So grateful for this.
Having my daughter and her family move from CA to NM to be near us.
Having time to ride or be with my horse most every day.
I teach.
I run.
I love.
My friends and boyfriend
My job
My chances to get a quality education.
We’re able to sleep in longer each day and not be so rushed.
Every night we get to eat dinner as a family and kids get to help with the cooking as well.
We’ve been able to plant that garden that I never had time for.
Almost finished tax declaration. Trying to apply mindfulness in dificult moments.
Tryed new recipy and it was good :)
Trying to apply mindfulness in dificult moments.
I am thankful that we have shelter, food and a supportive community.
We are spending a lot of time together as a family with no other distractions.
Knowing the Sun will come out again. I look forward to things I want to do, see and experience with a renewed sense of purpose.
the fresh morning and the rain
a calm space to live and work in
tea with milk
My third grader decided to read the Harry Potter series.
One of my closest friends sent me a hilarious, thoughtful letter.
My oldest (who doesn’t live at home anymore) calls or texts me every day.
Water and Food
Family and friends
Growth in work and academics
Loving family
Meaningful work during the Corona where many don't have jobs
Opportunities to serve others
I am grateful for all the medical personnel, city/state/federal and other workers who are keeping things going for all of us. I will show my gratitude by fixing lunch for Fire Fighter Lisa V. and her shift crew.
I am grateful for all the Houston and Harris County organizations that are helping people who need nutritional help. I will show my gratitude by making financial donations and make 50 bowls for the Houston Food Bank’s Empty Bowl event.
I am grateful for all the farmers and farm workers in the food supply chain who are keeping food on our table. I’m not sure how I will show my gratitude just yet. Any suggestions?
Warm sunlight on a cold day
Coffee in the morning
I visited with all 5 grandchildren together for the first time on Zoom-now we celebrate birthday parties and holidays together!
To have studied and taught Chinese art and art history for 30 years.
For love of family, friends, Dharma buddies, and all the global mindfulness programs offered for free during the pandemic. Thank you Wisdom2.0 and Jon Kabat-Zinn!
Good music, it makes things easier.
Cold food on a hot day! Delicious and keeps us cool and happy!
Plenty of cold water to keep us cool!
I am happy and healthy today
I have valuable friends in my life
I got to spend time out in nature today.
I'm alive.
i have a loving family.
i have people who care about me.
Having a house full of kids and pets keeps me busy and happy.
The tropical storm passed us by.
So glad I have friends and family to talk to about all the crazy things happening in the world.
So grateful to be here in this group
Grateful for technology
Grateful for my breath
Ravi, our dog, life-saving joy bringer
Focus on what really matters and share more of that
Pause..just pause... exit the rat race
My sobriety.
Grateful to be safe and with a roof over my head and food.
Finding love in a partner that let’s us operate as two contributing souls!
I have my health, my family, my friends.
The sky is a beautiful blue today.
The new normal might be better than the old normal. Possibilities!
Feeling of a soft silk in your palm..
...music taking you deeper into some unknown...
some glances that you carry with you always..
The Misty dog
Deeply listening and understanding another human being
nurturing empathy towards compassion
The covid pandemic has given me lots of time to think about where I am in this existence
People everywhere love each other and support one another
My dog really loves treats and walks
I have so much more than what I need and am reminded of it daily when I wake up.
People are stepping up in ways, tiny and huge, to help people they don't even know who may need it and we are seeing many much needed glimpses of goodness all across the country.
I'm stuck in the house my husband and I built, with him, and it is a space I truly love with my forever best friend.
My teenage daughter, light of my life. Sometimes we silently enjoy our own book together, other times we cook, laugh, walk, and talk together. She is everything.
The unemployment checks and stimulus that are helping me while laid off, and the fierce fighters who are trying to get more help to the hurting people.
My family and friends, who are all well and healthy.
Strangers are respecting and care about each other.
I am only inconvenienced.
My family from NYC, MN, San Francisco and TX is healthy and stay safe. ❤
I have a wonderful wife.
I am at peace with myself, and like who I am.
My cat gives me chest massages after a hard day.
i can smell the ocean from my house.
we have a president with a heart.
my 13 year old daughter is kind and independent
I did two miles, in tennis shoes, at a park, by myself yesterday. Who even am I?
I am mature enough, and look forward to, my cup of coffee every morning.
I am gainfully employed today.
Eating dinner together as a family
A mindfulness meditation practice I can keep
Trees and clouds in Santa Monica
The flowers and trees and seedlings are growing so fast right now you can practically watch them - good signs of abundance and hope and normalcy
I have the time to be in my house and my yard and I love my house and my yard. I long for “boring” days at home all year long.
my boys researched and planned and executed a great art project this week as a birthday gift for one of our dearest friends and neighbors who are like family - so much love in the doing and the giving and the receiving
I fight for what is right.
I have contingency plans in place.
I’m truly grateful for the family Friends And love that flows in my life through the people around me…
It’s good to be alive and sober in this beautiful world.
The small things, curiosities, and gestures of kindness.
My dogs are happy and my best mates.
Running water.
We are healthy.
I am alive.
I’m married to my best friend.
There is a God and it’s not me.
Phone call with Daniele.
Care of Petra, midwife.
Nice chat with a roommate
Birds splashing in the birdbath
Sunshine and rainy days
Friday night happy hour in the cul-de-sac with wonderful neighbors
I am in good health
I took a walk with my husband today
I connected with an old friend today
I have a job where I can work remotely.
I am healthy.
Keeping in touch with family and friends.
That my twin boys are healthy and happy
That I stayed sober through their early months
That my husband is building us an amazing cabin in the words
All my church is doing at this time.
So much lovely and interesting writing.
Friends to laugh with.
Warm socks
A nice wine
A cat in my lap
Conversations I have now are more about how you are and how I am but really, not just in passing. It’s more about genuinely caring about how others are doing, forming a real human line of communication
The sun still shines, the clouds still float above and the birds still sing
Hot coffee
Noticing all that I have
Fully being present.
Breath and a new day to try again.
The way it smells outside, after it rains.
Being in love.
Skiing in the mountains after a fresh snowfall.
Family, friends and coworkers are all healthy
More time to enjoy flowers and plants in my yard. I can actually see them before it is dark!
Watching the Houston community come together.
Weighted blanket
Kim Chee
Coconut oil
Soul-filling music!
Cozy slippers
Loving friends
Boxing a bag instead of your neighbors face. Anger channeled well.
The art of practicing who you are.
Fine art which speaks to you, and touches you so deeply you sob with tears.
That I get SO MUCH joy from the discovery of using the blender for my tea with coconut milk and having FROTHY GOODNESS all day long!!!
That I have an awesome apartment and am loving a feeling of groundedness in my own space (after being uprooted by COVID)!
That my mother had the wherewithal and courage to not pass down the helicopter parenting see had, and instilled me and my sisters with bravery
i made my amends to my mom and Chris
I did my work out
I am healthy and I don't have COVID19
It’s all so simple
Showing up and supporting my loved ones is a pleasure and privilege, not a chore.
Today I am guided by the experiential knowledge that if I follow the path in my heart, everything will be OK.
I have plenty of ammunition.
My smart, kind and courageous daughters
Finding my wonderful birth family
Having a life filled with purpose
I am managing my classes pretty well during all this chaos.
My best friends family was kind enough to take me in when I was unable to stay in my family's home.
I have been learning to make new baked goods and it has been very fulfilling and fun.
I have no worries about food and my husband makes me breakfast each morning
I have a job interview
One of my book chapters was just published!
All animals/nature!! Please respect them
The beautiful friendships I've cultivated
My loving mother
My body still works
I am still employed
I have enough
My son has started taking joy from making me laugh.
Beta blockers help and I it took a pandemic to make me try.
Looking out for “firsts” keeps my mind off the things I miss.
My dogs
Delicious homemade veg soup.
Sun was shining today!