My garden is blooming
Christa is sexy and funny
Our family is loving our new Oculus Quest
Find what you love and RUN toward it
Practice kindness and compassion to each person you meet and it will return to you
Everything happens for me, not to me - Bryon
Being together with my children every day.
Having to have experienced the most amazing and sincerest love of a soulmate.
The sound of the birds more audible than ever now that traffic is gone away.
Being able to go for walks and appreciate nature in the wonderful parks in the neighborhood
Access to books, movies and ideas that are all free
The technology that allows me to connect with family and friends though they may be far away.
My family is healthy and we have a comfortable place to shelter in
Otherwise grumpy teens are venturing out of their rooms to hang out as a family (miracle!)
God is good
I have the will to fight a corrupt family court system.
I will not give up on my son
I have a plan
I am able to help others
When someone tries to make a difference
When we stand up for each other
I am grateful for the existence of The lord of the rings movies. They are like a bible to me as a secular Swede.
My childhood has been been unspoiled from traumatic events that sometimes leave abnormal stress responses in adults. Therefore I am most of the time pretty cheerful, and cheerful at the very specific moment of writing this.
Being grateful extinguishes self-pity. Extinguishing self-pity makes me glad.
Returning to baking and loving it.
My awesome dog and all the time with him.
My new, great house - being stuck here instead of anywhere else.
My family are all healthy and remain employed at the moment.
My pets are amazing little creatures of fun and comfort.
Super grateful to be home, cooking and sharing healthy meals, and time.
I’m not allergic to chocolate.
Life is a beach.
You can learn something from everyone.
Borderdoodle puppies
The calmness of when the sun is set after all that needed to be done is completed
I can improve my home and garden a lot.
I found some good reading material.
Amazon still delivers quickly.
A walk in the fresh air
My 3 year old going potty!
Being sober today
the fresh morning and the rain
a calm space to live and work in
tea with milk
Our family environment is safe and loving.
Our good health.
Our family, friends and loved ones are for the most part, doing well.
We are healthy!
My family has shared more meals and together time in the last 3 weeks than we have in years. They have been wonderful!
Beautiful weather. Its sunny and 60 degrees!
being with my millennials kids
having my dog happy
looking at the garden
Strangers are respecting and care about each other.
I am only inconvenienced.
My family from NYC, MN, San Francisco and TX is healthy and stay safe. ❤
I get to work at home and be here for my kids, helping them learn
I get to work out with my wife, which I would of never had time to do
We’re all still healthy
My son proposed to the most amazing woman ever !!! We are a very lucky family to have her.
Everyone is finally healthy in my immediate family this is a blessing after we lost my baby brother on April 13th, my mom 2 months later June 17th.
We finally after 30 years were able to put siding on our home. We replaced 30-year-old windows and skylights that won't leak !!!
My family members all remain healthy.
Working from home means I spend more time with my pets: one dog, one cat and one chicken. All elderly, but doing well.
Back to spending more time riding horses.
Netflix and Prime
My job
My phones
Summer is coming.
An abundance of time.
I found her.
smell of Jasmine
my son's smile
becoming less wasteful
making my bed every morning
enjoying the downtime to be creative
My son proposed to the most amazing woman ever !!! We are a very lucky family to have her.
Everyone is finally healthy in my immediate family this is a blessing after we lost my baby brother on April 13th, my mom 2 months later June 17th.
We finally after 30 years were able to put siding on our home. We replaced 30-year-old windows and skylights that won't leak !!!
I have my health, my family, my friends.
The sky is a beautiful blue today.
The new normal might be better than the old normal. Possibilities!
Water and Food
Family and friends
Growth in work and academics
Sleeping until 8
Lots of creating, making, and baking
The chartreuse color of spring
Call a friend to say hi
Did in my back yard
Help my wife through pregnancy
Weighted blanket
Kim Chee
Coconut oil
Having a house full of kids and pets keeps me busy and happy.
The tropical storm passed us by.
So glad I have friends and family to talk to about all the crazy things happening in the world.
Grateful for the box of chocolate and dulce de leche cones from Argentina that a friend brought and a thank you gift
Thankful for the workers at hospitals, grocery stores and public transport
Thankful that I’m with my husband in this strange moment of my life
The love of God and family
The generosity and kindness of others during this crisis
Walking outside on a beautiful spring day
My family and I are healthy.
I have the financial resources to get through this.
I have amazing friends from all throughout my life that I have been reconnecting to.
Grateful for my dad
Love my dog gizmo
Favorite comfy items that make life easier
That I feel safe
That i have power
That i can spend time with my family
My dog Murphy gets to spend more time with me than ever.
The health and safety of my friends and family.
The ability to support local businesses during this tough time.
I am thankful that we have shelter, food and a supportive community.
We are spending a lot of time together as a family with no other distractions.
Knowing the Sun will come out again. I look forward to things I want to do, see and experience with a renewed sense of purpose.
My son has started taking joy from making me laugh.
Beta blockers help and I it took a pandemic to make me try.
Looking out for “firsts” keeps my mind off the things I miss.
A pecan tree that makes me feel like I live in a tree house everyday
A little dog I found on the street who has become my sweet companion
A sewing practice that keeps me creative
A slow jog with my dogs
the family of downy woodpeckers enjoying the suit cakes
a blooming crepe myrtle
My family and their unique spirits. I love them all so much.
I just attended a Women's Dialogue on Race and Culture, hosted by Tracie Jae (aka The Quiet Rebel). Great, honest and brave conversations and listening happening. Definitely grateful for it.
My new computer. It's so rad.
My 5 year old son told me two nights ago that I am the most “bootiful girl in the world”.
Wilder (5 yr old) saves his favorite food on his plate for last and Rowan (3) eats his favorite thing first
No matter what kind of music plays Rowan immediately pulls the back of his pants down and begins smacking his booty with complete and utter elation and there is nothing I can do to stop him.
Covid fever broke
Community, the Care Circle that saves me
My dog is alive & tail wagging!
My husband is amazing! He created this gratitude generator ;)
The nuns who taught me handwriting. I'm forever grateful for how much this skill mattered to them. I LOVE HANDWRITING.
Clean water.
Old friends from childhood with whom I’m still in touch.
Prayers that I learned as a child that have the power to evaporate fear today.
Having learned mindfulness meditation when I was in my twenties and teaching it to the young people I have the honor to teach.
Cloudy skys.
Frogs that chrip.
Cute boys.
I am working
Our foundation is about to help a lot more pets
My friends are always there for me
My dad bought me a bike
Bag of local veg delivered to me
Stimulus check deposited today
I have a wonderful wife.
I am at peace with myself, and like who I am.
My cat gives me chest massages after a hard day.
Spending quality time with my Mom
Working on my last class for my doctorate!
Life in general is beautiful.
Time to make pancakes on a weekday morning
Lots of reading with my kids about unicorns and bugs
Watching my kids discover their grandfather’s Time-Life natural world book collection
Hearing my cat purr as he sits on my lap, and petting him is so calming.
Watching the little golden finches in our lawn as they hop around in the grass.
Munching on gummy bears and ice cream.
My wife, who is my rock.
Our daughter, who gives us joy.
Our son, who gives us laughter.
Eating dinner together as a family
A mindfulness meditation practice I can keep
Trees and clouds in Santa Monica
I started sewing again
I have gotten closer with my family
I have a better workout routine now
Today is a Good Day.
Called a friend and we laughed and laughed about something I can't even remember now ...
My tomatoes are getting really, really big ...
Grateful for the good health and love in my life
Motivated at work, feeling lucky to have it!
Sharing love and presence thru deep listening
I fight for what is right.
I have contingency plans in place.
It’s 81 degrees outside with a blue sky
We are healthy and happy
Having a teenager in the house helps keep us young
I am happy and healthy today
I have valuable friends in my life
I got to spend time out in nature today.
I have so much more than what I need and am reminded of it daily when I wake up.
People are stepping up in ways, tiny and huge, to help people they don't even know who may need it and we are seeing many much needed glimpses of goodness all across the country.
I'm stuck in the house my husband and I built, with him, and it is a space I truly love with my forever best friend.
My family is happy and healthy.
I get to express my creativity every day.
My higher power never leaves me, even when I pull away.
Creative, challenging and meaningful professional and personal work.
My children. They inspire me every day.
My creative, challenging and sweet husband, David A. Brown! :)
I woke up alive
Getting school prep done
Coffee time
Observing and benefitting from Mother Nature in its beauty.
A belief in common humanity, in the many hopes and dreams we all share with everyone around the globe.
A belief that character matters. A belief that kindness, respect, civility, decency, and compassion are immeasurable values.
I take long walks in nature everyday. I notice the trees,sky and flowers on my walks.
I connect with friends around the world laugh,share, and have amazing conversations
I explore creating new recipes and cook healthy meals everyday
Sarah Blondin meditations
The Class by Taryn Toomey
0.5 mm gel tip pens
There is a stunning yellow and red hibiscus outside my front window.
I've had an amazing life and seen/done more than I every would have thought possible.
Rich and deep relationships with people who I love and love me.
Birds splashing in the birdbath
Sunshine and rainy days
Friday night happy hour in the cul-de-sac with wonderful neighbors
Hanging out with almost 18yo son
Time to write
Dogs and their unbelievable, unconditional love
I have a stable home life
I have great friends
I am healthy
I'm growing a mango tree!
Lately it's been warm enough outside for me to sit in my hammock while I do my school work
Quarantine has provided me with lots of opportunities for reflection
I’m healthy
My manifestations are now my reality
Love is a beautiful thing
A solid roof over our heads, a warm bed, and all of my family and friends are, so far, healthy (I know that’s 3 but couldn’t resist!)
Our local, well-stocked grocery store
We live in a mountain resort town and there are so many ways to get out and exercise in the fresh air while keeping social distance
My mom got through three cardiac procedures and it appears success is at hand.
I got to beautify my land today and made it to the dump which is open again.
Bean is getting better and may not die from sour crop after all.
Showing up and supporting my loved ones is a pleasure and privilege, not a chore.
Today I am guided by the experiential knowledge that if I follow the path in my heart, everything will be OK.
I have plenty of ammunition.
Our other daughter, a doctor at Seattle’s Harborview hospital, slept well last night
Our daughter tied her hair up in a beautiful Swedish bun as she went to work today
Our bird, named “bird” didn’t bite me this morning
I'm finally caught up on every series I was watching on Netflix & Prime
I'm learning to be still and happy again
More time to make stuff
I still am able to work which is a good thing. and making sure our customers get the things they need and staying safe by wearing masks and gloves and disinfecting our work stations
I'm pretty good health and I've lost weight and am able to stay this way cuz I walk a lot at work doing my job
When I'm off work I'm able to spend time relaxing at home and doing home projects
Warm socks
A nice wine
A cat in my lap
My sobriety
My kids that have shown me true love
My dogs who love me unconditionally
I’m blessed to have an amazing family.
I am working when many are not.
My faith keeps me going every day.
Our beautiful spring garden
Being able to take the time to learn how to bake new things, including the toughest of all: croissants!
Being home to spend time with my 4-year old, my family, and our 3 crazy dogs.
My daughter
My family
My cat
Enjoying Beautiful flowers I received.
I improved in the kitchen ( there was no white flour to be had in our city, so I made chocolate chip cookies with almond flour and they’re delicious!
The information flowing to me and through me right now is remarkable and I’m really appreciating it!
cooking with a kid
sharing an inside joke with your mate
singing to a dog
I've been able to exercise every day and eat healthy. This is great for my autoimmune disease.
I'm catching up on many things I was putting off due to social distractions that sometimes weren't worth it.
We are a family of educators. During this time, we have helped tens of kids with school work. Thanks to the internet we have reached more kids than ever.
The breeze is beautiful
I’m surrounded by the people I love
Today we are celebrating a birthday with home cooked deliciousness
Our saying during this time is Breath in Hope and Exhale Confidence
The belief in each other is greater than anything standing in our way.
We know this is a tough we for all of us but Jesus’s week
I'm alive.
i have a loving family.
i have people who care about me.
The friends that I have grown closer with over the past few months
My even being here and making it to the point that I'm at in my life
Being able to draw
We are like a symphony and all our players can at moments be playing sharp and at others be repairing a string . And then ... there are moments of such extraordinary harmony and beauty , that it brings tears of deep joy and release and it’s in those moments that we begin to understand who we are .
Life is a bowl of Cherries. We must remember to spit out the pits.
Someday we will all look back on this episode as the great turning point in our evolution as spiritual beings .
I have 4 dogs that bring me joy.
I have work that engages my mind & teaches me new things at 50.
I live in a city where the protests have been peaceful protests with very little violence.
we made it through the surge of infection and are on our way down.
fresh fruit and vegetables are available
my local dairy barn
God woke me up this morning.
My covid 19 test was negative.
The humidity has been down this week in Texas. It feels wonderful!