A beautiful, sunny day with a bright blue sky so I can walk after working on my couch all day.
A friend of a friend who offers free weekly yoga classes, full of light and love!
My sweet, precious kitty companion who is always by my side.
I get to do things I haven’t had time to do ever before
I run and move and meditate every day
I am learning new ways to distress and align
My garden is growing.
My family is safe and healthy.
I’m alive!
I am grateful that over time I have developed perspective and therefore realize that how I deal with a situation is at least as important as the situation I am dealing with. Attitude is Everything.
I am grateful for this time to deepen my meditation practice. 21 days in a row. A personal record.
I am so grateful for this tiny village in the Andes that I call home. Safe, secure, all locally produced food, clear, sweet water in the rivers, clear skies, and a wonderful community of people from the local area as well as expats like me.
My family.
Reese’s Peanut butter cups
Ice cold beer on a hot day.
Sending and receiving hand-written notes and cards, via mail and left on doorsteps
Sunday is "baking day": experimenting with new recipes and safely delivering excess baked goods to friends and neighbors
More cuddle-time with my kitty, now that I work from home
We are healthy!
My family has shared more meals and together time in the last 3 weeks than we have in years. They have been wonderful!
Beautiful weather. Its sunny and 60 degrees!
My child loves art (especially to draw).
The morning breeze has been such a lovely treat during walks and runs.
Gratitude is abundant.
i can smell the ocean from my house.
we have a president with a heart.
my 13 year old daughter is kind and independent
My body which I feel good in. Thank you for being such a good buddy (so far)
Being able to still pay my rent in these crazy covid-19 times.
My lovely daughter and my wonderful mum.
Observing and benefitting from Mother Nature in its beauty.
A belief in common humanity, in the many hopes and dreams we all share with everyone around the globe.
A belief that character matters. A belief that kindness, respect, civility, decency, and compassion are immeasurable values.
we made it through the surge of infection and are on our way down.
fresh fruit and vegetables are available
my local dairy barn
The friends that I have grown closer with over the past few months
My even being here and making it to the point that I'm at in my life
Being able to draw
I am grateful for the existence of The lord of the rings movies. They are like a bible to me as a secular Swede.
My childhood has been been unspoiled from traumatic events that sometimes leave abnormal stress responses in adults. Therefore I am most of the time pretty cheerful, and cheerful at the very specific moment of writing this.
Being grateful extinguishes self-pity. Extinguishing self-pity makes me glad.
My family all back under the same roof and we really enjoy each other and encourage each other
My extended family is supportive, genuine and awesome
I have friends I love and they love me back
My smart, kind and courageous daughters
Finding my wonderful birth family
Having a life filled with purpose
Im thankful for my family
im thankful that we have a great house
im thankful that I'm able to play outside whenever i want
I have a job where I can work remotely.
I am healthy.
Keeping in touch with family and friends.
Eating dinner together as a family
A mindfulness meditation practice I can keep
Trees and clouds in Santa Monica
I had a 4 hour phone call about really vulnerable things with a friend I hadn’t talked to in years, and it felt cathartic.
I get to eat fresh vegetables everyday.
I feel hopeful and less in pain than I have in weeks.
My family are all healthy and remain employed at the moment.
My pets are amazing little creatures of fun and comfort.
Super grateful to be home, cooking and sharing healthy meals, and time.
Fixed the kitchen ceiling! Long overdue!
Spending lots of time with my wife and youngest daughter - and soon oldest daughter when she comes home from university on Friday!
My sister’s second cancer surgery shows very promising results!
Birds splashing in the birdbath
Sunshine and rainy days
Friday night happy hour in the cul-de-sac with wonderful neighbors
My loved ones' health, as well as my own.
The strength I have been blessed with that pushes me to overcome anything.
My newfound awareness that changed my life forever and for the better.
Hot showers
Fresh fruit
Toilet paper
I started sewing again
I have gotten closer with my family
I have a better workout routine now
Cloudy skys.
Frogs that chrip.
Cute boys.
My family has not had COVID!
My daughter is home from college for two months and we laugh all the time. Laughter...good medicine.
I'm looking out my window while typing this and see a beautiful cardinal at my bird feeder.
Family (+pets)
My family is happy and healthy.
I get to express my creativity every day.
My higher power never leaves me, even when I pull away.
Our lawn is being mowed right now!
My students are hanging in with the distance learning.
My family stuns me with their beauty.
Grateful for technology like FaceTime. My family has been able to stay connected with my mom who has to completely self isolate due to Stage 4 Cancer. Being able to see her face everyday has kept us all going.
I'm grateful for a healthy body and legs that can take me out in to nature and appreciate the fresh air.
I am humbled by all the good relationships I have in my life. Spending time catching up on the phone with old friends and giving/ receiving true friendship and support during uncertain times has been a true blessing.
My body still works
I am still employed
I have enough
Old friends from childhood with whom I’m still in touch.
Prayers that I learned as a child that have the power to evaporate fear today.
Having learned mindfulness meditation when I was in my twenties and teaching it to the young people I have the honor to teach.
My family is with me, and I love them.
Pet rats are wonderful creatures.
I have friends who care about me.
I have the will to fight a corrupt family court system.
I will not give up on my son
I have a plan
My three boys are thriving.
Grateful to see young people taking the reins and leading us to a more honest reckoning of who we are as a society, in service to who we can become.
Grateful for good friends and for the natural beauty all around.
Southern Smoke has distributed more than $2 million—both directly to people in need via the Emergency Relief Fund and to organizations that represent the needs of people in our industry.
H-E-B is doing great things for our community.
I won’t run out of wine any time soon.
Universal Guidance
5 Elements: Earth Water Air Fire and Space
I’ve been able to slow down and breathe.
Family dinners have returned and while the dinners may not be gourmet, the connection time is priceless.
My daughter has wanted a garden for many years and we finally have one.
Having a job this period is so important. First of all it keeps me busy and active for half a day. Then the nature of my job allows me to be helpful for other people who are going through intense feelings at the moment. Finally, a job offers me security both financially and socially.I'm grateful for my job.
I'm grateful for my partner. He is there to offer me a hug at night, a laugh during the day, a discussion on what is important and intense feelings when values are being compromised. He makes me breakfast in the morning after I have served coffee. At nights he makes the best salads in the world. He is smart, funny and helpful in times of need.
I'm grateful for covid19. It sounds strange but it kinda forced me to use my anxiety in a new and productive way. I was always avoiding therapy through telephone. Now I feel I have overcome this barrier of anxiety as I work from home and I'm on the phone with clients for the most part of my workday. It also gave me the opportunity to spend more time with my partner who is also working from home. In 6 months I have seen him more times than I have seen him in eight years. Lastly, I allowed myself to utilise time otherwise spent outside, by doing creative work on setting up my business, upskilling, daily physical exercise.
My weekly check-in calls with my brother and his family and my sister; and all are well and safe
Easter is coming which reminds me of hope and love.
Good friends that support me and enrich my life.
Sheltering in place with a spouse who is your best friend is actually pretty great.
Modern tech means I can still 'ride with my friends' by combining my indoor trainer and a videoconference.
We have Friday happy hours with our best friends via webcam, and they're lovely.
That my twin boys are healthy and happy
That I stayed sober through their early months
That my husband is building us an amazing cabin in the words
Talking on the phone with friends.
Hearing the birds in the morning.
Sleeping with the windows open.
My sobriety
My kids that have shown me true love
My dogs who love me unconditionally
Installed a new laundry sink faucet without a single trip needing to be taken to the hardware store!
Found out our lone local hospital is not overrun with Covid cases.
I managed to complete the first draft of *The Neurobiology of Aspiration* presentation in record time!
Warm socks
A nice wine
A cat in my lap
I’m thankful I am alive and well to see my daughters 8th birthday today.
I’m thankful for my awesome community, family, friends, and colleagues.
Thankful for more together time with my family and slower pace of life.
I take long walks in nature everyday. I notice the trees,sky and flowers on my walks.
I connect with friends around the world laugh,share, and have amazing conversations
I explore creating new recipes and cook healthy meals everyday
My husband and friend, John
David Brown
My son, sick of the food I was providing, is learning to cook crepes—enough to share.
I can improve my home and garden a lot.
I found some good reading material.
Amazon still delivers quickly.
I have my health and live in Canada
Grateful for my family and friends
Feel lucky to have been loved in my life
I’m not allergic to chocolate.
Life is a beach.
You can learn something from everyone.
My family members all remain healthy.
Working from home means I spend more time with my pets: one dog, one cat and one chicken. All elderly, but doing well.
Back to spending more time riding horses.
My chickens and the worms in my compost that I use to feed them, don’t know about the pandemic. They hang out and chill with me if I’m stressed or not, and talk to each other in the soothing clucking language that is both weird and wonderful.
When I look into my Husband’s eyes, I picture him all wrapped up like a magnificent gift... because, truly, that’s what he is to me and anyone who knows him. Every day I thank him for being the rock to my roll, and the sugar to my spice.
Three good things is a really good thing, and the people who dreamt it, wrote down notes on a piece of paper about it, created voodoo internet computer language that birthed it into being are also helping me remember to remember that good things stick like the sweetest honey to my soul.
Grateful for the good health and love in my life
Motivated at work, feeling lucky to have it!
Sharing love and presence thru deep listening
played with the dog
I did a new blog
I learnt how to manage my bookings
The love of my daughters and husband
Colleagues and coworkers who support one another
The daffodils are blooming
I am grateful for my job.
I am grateful for my breath.
I am grateful for my life and my family.
I am spending more time with my children.
Our friend, who is quarantined with us, helps cook.
The wipes and diapers were delivered right before I would have run out. I realize how abundant my life is.
Walks in the Arboretum.
The Audm app so I can hear articles from my favourite publications while I walk in the Arboretum.
How little attention nature is paying to Covid. It's spring and our city just gets more and more beautiful.
Our other daughter, a doctor at Seattle’s Harborview hospital, slept well last night
Our daughter tied her hair up in a beautiful Swedish bun as she went to work today
Our bird, named “bird” didn’t bite me this morning
My beautiful daughter and son
My open hearted and generous companion: my dog Max!
Daffodils - so bright and yellow - they remind Springs comes after the cold and grey of winter months
My dog is very clean today due to the fact that I washed him yesterday. He's happy.
I'm really good at Luigi's Mansion 3.
Children don't understand hatred until they're taught to, which means it will eventually die.
birds at the window
grandkids laughing and playing
glorious weather
Spring is so fragrant this season. Jasmine and Gardenias <3
Fresh sweet loquats right from the tree.
World Wide Web :)
Spontaneous drawing parties.
Living in a world where more knowledge is being shared freely - access to free educational resources, more webinars with brilliant people. I love it.
I just invested in a new rowing machine and am pretty chuffed about that.
cooking at home every meal for four weeks and counting
still working on great projects from home!
Weighted blanket
Kim Chee
Coconut oil
The air is clean.
The light is beautiful.
I am loved.
Family time!
Our awesome trails.
Like it or not plenty of time to purge and organize!
My beautiful 8y/o son and partner
Awareness itself
To answer the question, "what is love?"
Summer is coming.
An abundance of time.
I found her.
Elderly parents are a blessing. It’s there time to reap the rewards of all their sacrifice, to receive thank you’s and amends from their children, and to get and give unconditional loved be from their grand children.
America and it’s people are a special breed. Never in the history of mankind has there ever been a more freedom loving, industrious, pragmatic and principled all inclusive tribe.
Friends are 1) the universes way of saying - “good job” , 2) a reflection of our true essence, and 3) a reminder that principals and love are the real currency of life.
Spending all day with my son, "Mommy time," he calls it.
My stepson's therapy continuing to treat him.
The opportunity to cook my own meals, all day, every day.
I visited with all 5 grandchildren together for the first time on Zoom-now we celebrate birthday parties and holidays together!
To have studied and taught Chinese art and art history for 30 years.
For love of family, friends, Dharma buddies, and all the global mindfulness programs offered for free during the pandemic. Thank you Wisdom2.0 and Jon Kabat-Zinn!
I have 4 dogs that bring me joy.
I have work that engages my mind & teaches me new things at 50.
I live in a city where the protests have been peaceful protests with very little violence.
My son has started taking joy from making me laugh.
Beta blockers help and I it took a pandemic to make me try.
Looking out for “firsts” keeps my mind off the things I miss.
I am grateful for all the medical personnel, city/state/federal and other workers who are keeping things going for all of us. I will show my gratitude by fixing lunch for Fire Fighter Lisa V. and her shift crew.
I am grateful for all the Houston and Harris County organizations that are helping people who need nutritional help. I will show my gratitude by making financial donations and make 50 bowls for the Houston Food Bank’s Empty Bowl event.
I am grateful for all the farmers and farm workers in the food supply chain who are keeping food on our table. I’m not sure how I will show my gratitude just yet. Any suggestions?
I have my health, my family, my friends.
The sky is a beautiful blue today.
The new normal might be better than the old normal. Possibilities!
Wasabi Almonds
My mom
Our family environment is safe and loving.
Our good health.
Our family, friends and loved ones are for the most part, doing well.
Sleeping until 8
Lots of creating, making, and baking
The chartreuse color of spring
Spending special time with my husband who is a musician so was often away on tour. So grateful for this.
Having my daughter and her family move from CA to NM to be near us.
Having time to ride or be with my horse most every day.
We’re able to sleep in longer each day and not be so rushed.
Every night we get to eat dinner as a family and kids get to help with the cooking as well.
We’ve been able to plant that garden that I never had time for.
I got to play with my dog.
Im about to paint!
I’m actually laying down, and this is RARE.
I have safe shelter and access to plenty of food
People around the world join me twice a day on Facebook as I leave my healing and sitting meditations #LifeIsGreat
The level of love and support that people are showing to each other every day
Starbucks drive-thru person ahead of my daughter paid for her. She gets to see that normal people actually DO this.
My husband, a physician, has avoided getting sick so far.
I got to see my sister again.
The loving cuddles and purrs from a feline in your lap.
The beauty of snowcapped mountains on the horizon behind the lake.
The comfort of a warm bowl of hearty, home made soup on a chilly fall evening.
Adelaide (my daughter)
Jack (my son)
Rhys) my son)
All animals/nature!! Please respect them
The beautiful friendships I've cultivated
My loving mother
Those who sow abundantly reap abundantly
Helping friends
loving family