It’s 81 degrees outside with a blue sky
We are healthy and happy
Having a teenager in the house helps keep us young
The air is so fresh! I do not have to close the window because of the pollution high level.
It is very quiet! I do not have to shut the doors to stop hearing the noise.
It is a pleasure now to look outside of the window, nothing can bother me anymore.
Sometimes it rains and sometimes it don’t
Fresh biscuits
The hug you didn’t know you needed
This web site.
Financial stability doing work we mostly enjoy.
Being a healthy 50-something.
My mother
My father
My dog
I’m blessed to have an amazing family.
I am working when many are not.
My faith keeps me going every day.
Being able to go for walks and appreciate nature in the wonderful parks in the neighborhood
Access to books, movies and ideas that are all free
The technology that allows me to connect with family and friends though they may be far away.
Graduating with my MBA in one month
Watching lots of comedies, finding time to laugh
Taught my husband how to sew
Southern Smoke has distributed more than $2 million—both directly to people in need via the Emergency Relief Fund and to organizations that represent the needs of people in our industry.
H-E-B is doing great things for our community.
I won’t run out of wine any time soon.
My garden is thriving and in bloom.
My family is healthy and safe.
I am more present in my daily life with this moment that is slowing down the time.
Taking pictures of nature and beauty during my morning walks
Having enough food
Friends who call and give gifts
A walk in the fresh air
My 3 year old going potty!
Being sober today
I will be fully vaccinated this time next month
The library books I want are available
Anush is in poland
Today is a Good Day.
Called a friend and we laughed and laughed about something I can't even remember now ...
My tomatoes are getting really, really big ...
My 5 year old son told me two nights ago that I am the most “bootiful girl in the world”.
Wilder (5 yr old) saves his favorite food on his plate for last and Rowan (3) eats his favorite thing first
No matter what kind of music plays Rowan immediately pulls the back of his pants down and begins smacking his booty with complete and utter elation and there is nothing I can do to stop him.
My dogs are happy and my best mates.
Running water.
We are healthy.
I’m alive
I’m 8 years sober today
Birthday cake for breakfast
walk with boys
new skill
Strangers are respecting and care about each other.
I am only inconvenienced.
My family from NYC, MN, San Francisco and TX is healthy and stay safe. ❤
I’m truly grateful for the family Friends And love that flows in my life through the people around me…
It’s good to be alive and sober in this beautiful world.
The small things, curiosities, and gestures of kindness.
I am spending more time with my children.
Our friend, who is quarantined with us, helps cook.
The wipes and diapers were delivered right before I would have run out. I realize how abundant my life is.
My family is well.
I am taking time to meditate and just be.
My friends are ok right now.
Grateful for my dad
Love my dog gizmo
Favorite comfy items that make life easier
Indoor plumbing!
A warm house on a cold day
Good weather
My garden is blooming
Christa is sexy and funny
Our family is loving our new Oculus Quest
I get to work at home and be here for my kids, helping them learn
I get to work out with my wife, which I would of never had time to do
We’re all still healthy
COVID accelerated potty training! Yay for precious super hero undies and the tiny bottoms that wear them
Watching my sons (2 & 4) play and tickle tackle each other
Coffee smells
Covid fever broke
Community, the Care Circle that saves me
My dog is alive & tail wagging!
I’m not allergic to chocolate.
Life is a beach.
You can learn something from everyone.
My dog Murphy gets to spend more time with me than ever.
The health and safety of my friends and family.
The ability to support local businesses during this tough time.
My son proposed to the most amazing woman ever !!! We are a very lucky family to have her.
Everyone is finally healthy in my immediate family this is a blessing after we lost my baby brother on April 13th, my mom 2 months later June 17th.
We finally after 30 years were able to put siding on our home. We replaced 30-year-old windows and skylights that won't leak !!!
There is an abundance of love and creativity in my family.
All of our quarantine meals have been deliciously made and readily devoured.
Quarantine is not forever.
Hot showers
Fresh fruit
Toilet paper
Family, friends and coworkers are all healthy
More time to enjoy flowers and plants in my yard. I can actually see them before it is dark!
Watching the Houston community come together.
My three boys are thriving.
Grateful to see young people taking the reins and leading us to a more honest reckoning of who we are as a society, in service to who we can become.
Grateful for good friends and for the natural beauty all around.
Dogs love us unconditionally
Masturbation doesn't cost a thing
Hot tea tastes good and is good for you
I have a wonderful wife.
I am at peace with myself, and like who I am.
My cat gives me chest massages after a hard day.
Sheltering in place with a spouse who is your best friend is actually pretty great.
Modern tech means I can still 'ride with my friends' by combining my indoor trainer and a videoconference.
We have Friday happy hours with our best friends via webcam, and they're lovely.
I get to do things I haven’t had time to do ever before
I run and move and meditate every day
I am learning new ways to distress and align
I have my health and live in Canada
Grateful for my family and friends
Feel lucky to have been loved in my life
Wasabi Almonds
My mom
That my twin boys are healthy and happy
That I stayed sober through their early months
That my husband is building us an amazing cabin in the words
Gorgeous yellow magnolia tree
Sunny day in the park with a friend 6’ away
Stocked up on some good food
Boxing a bag instead of your neighbors face. Anger channeled well.
The art of practicing who you are.
Fine art which speaks to you, and touches you so deeply you sob with tears.
Winter is here! The sky is blue, the sun is out and the snow is beautiful.
New ideas, new connections and new energy!
My entire family is healthy.
The grass and trees everywhere are so green!
I’m so glad I’m not alone.
Hearing my cat purr as he sits on my lap, and petting him is so calming.
Watching the little golden finches in our lawn as they hop around in the grass.
Munching on gummy bears and ice cream.
I was able to come to my parents house to ride this thing out.
I have my art supplies with me and set up a studio in their garage.
Finally learning how to play my guitar.
All my church is doing at this time.
So much lovely and interesting writing.
Friends to laugh with.
The air is clean.
The light is beautiful.
I am loved.
Sunshine, blue skies, and a cool wind
The opportunity to engage with deep questions
A purple pen to write with on a spiral bound hardback journal
I have a job with health insurance.
My son and daughter are alive and healthy.
I lost 3 pounds intentionally this week, with a few more to go.
Im thankful for my family
im thankful that we have a great house
im thankful that I'm able to play outside whenever i want
My family is with me, and I love them.
Pet rats are wonderful creatures.
I have friends who care about me.
A beautiful, sunny day with a bright blue sky so I can walk after working on my couch all day.
A friend of a friend who offers free weekly yoga classes, full of light and love!
My sweet, precious kitty companion who is always by my side.
Our pear tree is covered in a bazillion white blossoms.
Morning coffee with my husband, every day.
Cuddles with my kids, pretty much any time they’ll let me.
Being together with my children every day.
Having to have experienced the most amazing and sincerest love of a soulmate.
The sound of the birds more audible than ever now that traffic is gone away.
The people in my life and my ability to share with them the gift they are to me.
My tendency to seek out and empower what fulfills me, and in turns contributes to others.
Access to precious, life-giving, abundant, clean water every day.
My wife got covid and she recovered quickly and she has her sense of smell back which doesn't always return.
My teenage daughter is warm and loving with her parents again, now, after some time when she was fiercely independent and fighting with us a lot.
We have a lovely little dog that gives the family solace and gives our only child daughter some feelings of having a "little sister".
Returning to baking and loving it.
My awesome dog and all the time with him.
My new, great house - being stuck here instead of anywhere else.
Daily bike rides with my son gives us tbe opportunity to talk and enjoy being outdoors
Having time for family meals and board games
Being able to participate in Mass online each day
My dad was let go from his job when the pandemic began, but no challenge is too great for the Lord to overcome. He has maintained contract work to this day.
I am fortunate to have a job where my work is appreciated.
I am healthy and I have a roof over my head.
Noticing all that I have
Fully being present.
Breath and a new day to try again.
Cooking a meal from scratch, using fresh, high quality ingredients, and sharing it with loved ones afterwards.
Receiving a personal, heartfelt, handwritten letter.
The tremendous joy of seeing an all-time favorite band or musician perform live, and experiencing the world fall away while dancing freely.
The way it smells outside, after it rains.
Being in love.
Skiing in the mountains after a fresh snowfall.
Find what you love and RUN toward it
Practice kindness and compassion to each person you meet and it will return to you
Everything happens for me, not to me - Bryon
The love and companionship of my bulldog
The smile of a kiddo in the neighborhood as he rode his bike down the sidewalk.
The comfort of a warm house.
The smile of child
a damn good belly laugh
listening to a friend in need
cooking at home every meal for four weeks and counting
still working on great projects from home!
My adorable healthy and happy granddaughters
My exciting and fulfilling work
I finally got covid vaccine just now..major feat in NY
Humanity and compassion in action.
Faith, peace, connection, and love.
My family, friends and co-workers have are safe and healthy.
It's Spring. Flowers are blooming and birds are singing. And we all have time to notice and enjoy.
Chocolate Milk, Chocolate Ice Cream, and Chocolate.
Freinds you can depend on!
Watching beautiful birds eating at the bird feeder.
My dog playing in the snow.
I am healthy
I feel safe
I saw refreshing yellow tulips through the door
I'm still alive and kicking in spite of a dire cancer diagnosis in 2017.
My children are healthy.
My husband still loves me and is good to me after almost 40 years of marriage.
I did a great job leading a ZOOM meeting today!
I am focusing much more on what is REALLY important.
My dogs are amazing, completely loving, protective, kind creatures.
I can improve my home and garden a lot.
I found some good reading material.
Amazon still delivers quickly.
I am able to show up for my family (literally and figuratively).
My cat is very affectionate.
I have a half gallon container of ice cream in the freezer.
Spontaneous drawing parties.
Living in a world where more knowledge is being shared freely - access to free educational resources, more webinars with brilliant people. I love it.
I just invested in a new rowing machine and am pretty chuffed about that.
My daughters, loved ones and my health
I love my life
My family, extended family, and friends are well and we haven't gone completely stir-crazy remaining home.
My company is able to work remotely and my co-workers are well. We will get through these challenges and come out strong.
My sister in San Francisco is safe and healthy and she'll give birth later this summer to a new niece or nephew.
i made my amends to my mom and Chris
I did my work out
I am healthy and I don't have COVID19
Conversations I have now are more about how you are and how I am but really, not just in passing. It’s more about genuinely caring about how others are doing, forming a real human line of communication
The sun still shines, the clouds still float above and the birds still sing
Hot coffee
Weighted blanket
Kim Chee
Coconut oil
I have 4 dogs that bring me joy.
I have work that engages my mind & teaches me new things at 50.
I live in a city where the protests have been peaceful protests with very little violence.
The love of God and family
The generosity and kindness of others during this crisis
Walking outside on a beautiful spring day
we made it through the surge of infection and are on our way down.
fresh fruit and vegetables are available
my local dairy barn
Standing in front of a Van Gogh, any Van Gogh, seeing the brush strokes in the paint and being taken back in time to experience watching him put that paint on the canvas
Sitting on the side of a mountain in the morning sunshine, hearing the hummingbirds buzz their way through the trees behind me
The silence of a house in the early morning when no one else is awake, being present with the potential the coming day presents
Today I feel peace inside
The ability to tune in and connect with a global community
Sitting in mindfulness mediation with my three year old son this morning.
Watching smoke rose off burning stick of Palo Santo and waiting for the scent to reach my nose
Laying in bed with my soon to be 5 year old looking at images of Star Wars birthday cakes he wants (and somehow thinks mommy can make)
Cooking a meal and it was not only edible but actually pretty damn delicious!!
I am in a loving relationship that feels like home.
I have an amazing support network that brings me great joy and laughter.
I am learning every day.
My family is healthy and we have a comfortable place to shelter in
Otherwise grumpy teens are venturing out of their rooms to hang out as a family (miracle!)
God is good
The quiet after a snowfall.
Growing in compassion.
I am alive.
I’m married to my best friend.
There is a God and it’s not me.
Lunch with a friend who lovingly calls me out❤️
FaceTiming with my granddaughter❤️
Swimming this morning❤️
The smell of spring rain
A new notebook
Pedal steel guitar