Michelle E-B

Good Thing #1: 
My chickens and the worms in my compost that I use to feed them, don’t know about the pandemic. They hang out and chill with me if I’m stressed or not, and talk to each other in the soothing clucking language that is both weird and wonderful.
Good Thing #2: 
When I look into my Husband’s eyes, I picture him all wrapped up like a magnificent gift... because, truly, that’s what he is to me and anyone who knows him. Every day I thank him for being the rock to my roll, and the sugar to my spice.
Good Thing #3: 
Three good things is a really good thing, and the people who dreamt it, wrote down notes on a piece of paper about it, created voodoo internet computer language that birthed it into being are also helping me remember to remember that good things stick like the sweetest honey to my soul.
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